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3 Simple Ways to Unconditionally Love Your Spouse 


**One essential that’s always been important to us on our blog is that we don’t just share our story, but we encourage, inspire & aim to make a difference in our leaders lives.

When we find useful information that’s applicable to our own marriage, we want to pass it on in hopes it’ll help yours, and your families, thrive as well.

Enjoy reading and APPLYING this 3 simple ways below that you can love your spouse best and continue to create intimacy in your marriage, no matter how many years you’ve been married. **

Xo, Chey and Kim

3 Simple Ways to Unconditionally Love Your Spouse 

Listen even when you don’t want to.

Yes, we put this one first, because it is required for the following two. This step takes some good ole’ self sacrifice. Even if it’s the 10th time your spouse has expressed this topic to you, listen in. It is important to really listen – which means – not listening to respond, but instead, listening to understand. Your spouse most likely wants to know that they’re appreciated, safe and their thoughts matter. Take a moment today to lay your opinions & judgements aside, and allow your spouse to express themselves and enjoy the newfound intimacy between you both. 

Do a chore they forget. And don’t rub it in. 

So, it’s Thursday, and your husband has forgotten to take out the trash. Again. For the 10th time. Is it really worth the argument? Not meaning you don’t discuss these things at the appropriate times, but in the moment, it’s typically always best to help your spouse along, and do something they have forgotten to do. Did your wife leave dirty dishes in the sink again? Do them for her, and then, at the proper moment, share with her how that makes you feel. And remember the first step? When she responds, make sure you REALLY listen to her. Always seek to be on the same page and work together to find a solution that’ll work the best for your continued growth in your relationship.                                                                                          

Choose their side, even (or especially when) they make a mistake.

Your husband embarrassed his brother in front of his whole family at the reunion. Your wife did something against the rules at work and is now in trouble with her boss. No matter if it was a valid mistake, and you don’t agree with your spouse or their methods, always take their side. You can discuss with your spouse later, your feelings on the matter, but in front of others, it’s always best to be on the same page. Often in families, people expect you to pick sides. Pick your spouse. It’ll form a strong bond as a team and fortify you for the long-term. Your spouse is the team mate you’ll have for the rest of your life, and it’s important you always keep the end goal in mind. You want to go home with a WIN, even if your spouse dropped the ball & is behind at halftime. Work together to figure a strategy of how to best move forward, and remain united in front of others and behind closed doors. 

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