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3 things everyone should know about the hard seasons of marriage 

There you are, married to the love of your life – setting off into your honeymoon season of life – without a care in the world, and suddenly you wake up one day feeling…simply miserable.
You don’t know how you got here – but suddenly, the person you married has become the person you argue with most. It seems every conversation leads to a fight. No matter what you try to do, it feels like this season is taking all your strength and nothing is going to change. If this all sounds too familiar, we have hopeful news in 3 things everyone should know about the hard seasons of marriage. By the end of this article, you’ll have a hopeful, new outlook on your marriage and what the future holds for your relationship. 

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1st thing everyone should know about the HARD SEASONS of marriage is that…it’s TOTALLY NORMAL. 

No matter WHO you marry, having hard seasons is a part of marriage. Every single married couple goes through them. No matter how strong or great your marriage is, you will encounter hard seasons together. Since life is not stagnant, there will be change and no one can avoid challenging life circumstances. Whether it’s a job change, a death in the family, new baby or financial difficulties, every couple will experience one, many or all of these challenges. What’s most important is that you face them together and keep the channels of communication for you both to process what’s happening around you. If you’d like extra help in how to have effective communication with your spouse in a way where they will understand you best, click here for a simple, step-by-step resource we created. 

2nd thing everyone should know about the HARD SEASONS of marriage is that…it’s a never-ending process of becoming one.

We’ve all heard the words right – “two becoming one” when we get married. What we often forget to focus on is that it’s not something that happens automatically when we say I DO. It is, instead, a gradual, changing into that one over a lifetime together. And just as we get comfortable at one stage, we change. We grow. We both change and evolve together as individuals and together as a couple. As your life changes, such as when you become a parent, when they’re a toddler; when they leave the house, it’s often a little back & forth of growth and change and finding each other again. What is most important is that you look at your marriage as a marathon, not a sprint. You both chose to love each other for a lifetime, and during hard seasons, you get the opportunity to really live that out. Ride the waves of the hard seasons together and allow one another to makes mistakes, discover new parts of yourselves and become one again…over and over….as many times as it takes. 

During the hard seasons, remember that they won’t last forever.

3rd thing everyone should know about the HARD SEASONS of marriage is that…they won’t last forever. 

We promise – they won’t last forever. You will get through them. We know these seasons can be extremely challenging and exhausting, however, we’d encourage you to remember, it is just a season. When we and our clients face our hardest seasons in marriage, instead of focusing on the problem, we ask ourselves: how will we be when this season is over? What state do we want our marriage to be in when this hard season is over? 

We choose to look at hard seasons of marriage like the seasons in nature. Some things have to die in order to be re-born. Other things have to be let go, so better things can come. And no harsh, cold season – like winter, lasts forever. And neither will the hard seasons of your marriage. There will be seasons of re-birth and fresh, new starts, if you weather the storms together, and allow the hard season to run its course. 

Despite whatever season you’re in right now in your marriage, do know that it’s meant to be for your good.

Only when facing challenging seasons and situations together can we grow. We’d love for you to join us, in our private and encouraging community, The Vow Keepers, where we all get that support and help we need to weather the hard seasons and celebrate the amazing highs in our marriages. Come join us here. 

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Kim & Cheyanne

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