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6 Months Married. We made it halfway through our FIRST YEAR!


“The first year of marriage is always the hardest.” – Evvvvvery Married Couple

Well, here we are, halfway through that through FIRST year & my glass is more than HALF FULL.

The best decision I ever made was to marry you. Beyond logic & fear was a tangible & deep connection we knew was bigger than ourselves.

We knew almost instantly (or after an amazingly long kiss & epic goodbye at a train station), this was the LOVE 💖 we’d always been waiting for.

The best day of my life wasn’t the day I said “I DO” to you…but every day after – the days I GET to wake up to the most handsome man, who gives me constant butterflies 🦋, and makes me feel so safe, protected, cared for, and loved! ♥️

Our LOVE 💖will always be worth crossing oceans 🌊 for.

Cheers to our first 6 months of marriage & to all our moments leading up to us. They brought us together. And now, we get to journey & celebrate on – where we belong – TOGETHER (SAMEN!)

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