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9 Months Since We First Met…


9 months.

It’s the time a mother carries, nurtures and grows new life in her belly when she is pregnant. It’s also the amount of time that Kim & I have now known each other.

We look over these 9 months and think of the NEW LIFE that has birthed between us.

New adventures.

New lives as a married couple.

New experience as co-parenting together.

New family business we’ve launched.


With all the pain, growth, long nights, and joyful expectancy as with a pregnancy, these 9 months have been the BEST of our lives.

We truly couldn’t be more thankful for all of you who have taken this exciting journey with us.

We embrace this fairytale life that has been given us by God. Everyday, we start with gratitude and thankfulness for every week, day, and moment we spend together.

We aim to continue to share our story & hope we can continue to inspire, encourage, and love on each and every one of you.


Here’s to you – our friends, family and followers…on to the next season with great expectancy!


Chey & Kim



  • Marianne Lent

    Praise God for saving Kim for our cheyanne . As we prayed as parents when cheyanne was a small child for the right man to fill her life . After she lost the 100 pounds and loved herself prince charming swept her off her feet . Only thing is sad as parents as we live an ocean apart , looking forward to the day when they move to America in Gods timing

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