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A miracle paved through 26.2 Miles & beyond

WOW! Today’s short & sweet post is dedicated to: MIRACLES and PRAYERS ANSWERED! 

Yesterday, on my Facebook fitness focused page (https:// , a friend & client of mine commented on an OLD photo from a few years ago…and never could I have imagined, while reminicising on one of the PROUDEST days of my life, would lead me to HAPPY TEARS when I gave it a DEEPER, second look. 

The photo was one from my 3rd and latest MARATHON. (I am ALREADY looking for one POST baby next Fall – so far, I have my eyes on the Antwerp Night Time Marathon in September 2020).

This was what the original post said: 

“That “Faith It Until You Make It” expression at mile 17 when you want to completely fall apart! Ah! This was such a challenging part of the race. I had to keep repeating to myself that I could do it…just one foot in front of the other! And all did I know that as I was running; it looks like I had my own “security” team behind me 😜 still can’t believe I just completed my 3rd marathon! Here’s to many more challenges to overcome! #lamarathon #faithit #igotthis #comeonJesus #praisebreak #ladreamcenter #dreamteam #dreamcenter #marathon #runner


I was brought to HAPPY TEARS just remembering these moments – to this day, it’s still one of my proudest moments! This was my 3rd marathon I was running for the Los Angeles Dream Center. I ran with the intention to not only push myself, but raise money to help end homelessness and human trafficking in Los Angeles and around the world.

I also had lost 70 pounds since I had run my FIRST LA Marathon just 2 years earlier. My goal was to come in under 5 hrs, and by the time I came to the finish line, my time was 4 hrs 58 min. #GoalCrushed 

As I was about to click out of this post, I quickly came across the DATE I had POSTED the photo and it gave me INSTANT GOD BUMPS!!!!

MARCH 22, 2017

During this race, I remember distinctly PRAYING during the whole race specifically for – A HUSBAND.
A man that would literally run beside me in this life.
A man who would chase after me, and I after him, in a mutual pursuit of love & friendship for a lifetime.
A man who would also love physical fitness, and health & have a desire to bring that into others lives.


I now look back on that photo, smiling because I HAVE that husband, and also crying – realising I POSTED THIS ON HIS BIRTHDAY – before I even knew him!


And now that date is extra special – it’s our son/daughter’s DUE DATE!

Thank you GOD for this life, all the circumstances, challenges & roads that lead me to this point, and the beautiful journey ahead!!!

If you need proof God exists and He still works His miracles, the big & small, in people’s lives today, stay CLOSE to this blog. We are living, breathing, faith-filled examples of His love and grace! 

Thankful always and continually SPEECHLESS,

Cheyanne Cleyman



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