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The Cleymans

Our story began in 2018, when we met at a wedding of a mutual friend, in a castle in The Netherlands. That day was September 9th.

Cheyanne was staying in Europe for one more week after the wedding. Through text we kept in touch, but it wasn’t until the day before she had to leave that we met up.

I figured: “How much harm could a lunch date do?” At that point I had a responsibility to my little girl, and so I wasn’t just looking out for myself.

We did end up meeting for lunch, in the old city center of Ghent.
It was the most beautiful hour and a half either of us had lived.

By the time we had to part, we both knew that our lives would never be the same again. We didn’t know this of each other, but we were both floating miles above the ground, trembling and exhilarating.

About the Cleymans Kim Cleyman Cheyanne Cleyman
About the Cleymans

About The Cleymans

The next day Chey had to leave for the States, but I got to be the one that escorted her to the train station. That’s where we first kissed, for about half an hour.

Through social media and text messaging, we were able to stay connected across thousands of miles and many time zones. We kind of got off to a slow start, but it wasn’t till long that we were talking to each other every day. The seed that was planted in the Netherlands and watered in Belgium just kept growing, as if the distance was the best fertilizer.

Fast forward five months.

(Find out more details in the blog)

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About the Cleymans

At that time we were married, officially in Vegas and ceremonially on the beach in California, and Cheyanne was moving to Belgium, to stay.

About The Cleymans

We decided that it would be best for all of us if she would move in with us, so that we can start living as a family.

Even though my wife and my daughter had never met and they could not verbally communicate with each other.

It’s said that life is not about what happens to you, rather how you repond to it.

Through the many challenges we faced, we found a way that only made us stronger.

And now we are sharing what we learned along the way to other families, to help them navigate those merky waters and get to a place where love rules your family home.

Kim Cleyman

The Cleyman Family

About The Cleymans

  • Kim, Cheyanne, Billie & Mason
  • Est. 2018
  • Blended family from different cultures – Belgium & USA

Kim Cleyman

Born on March 22nd 1980 and raised in Hoboken, Antwerp in Belgium, I’ve always been in love with life & the future.

This desire to help children to a better tomorrow led me to becoming a high school teacher nearly two decades. Almost one of those decades I spent as a single dad, parenting my baby girl while passing on the joy for learning.

Kim CLeyman

Cheyanne Cleyman

About The Cleymans

Cheyanne Cleyman

Mom/Bonus Mom, Wife, Podcast Host and Health & Fitness Coach

Actress/Host turned stay-at-home Mom & dream life creator for women & families of all shapes & sizes

I’m an American living & thriving in Europe with my Fairytale Family

What I Do
  • Empowering Birth Coach
  • Lost 100 pounds – as featured on TLC’s “Fat Chance”
  • Host of “Mom Matters” Podcast
  • Health & Fitness Coach

About The Cleymans

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