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Kim & Cheyanne Cleyman

Entrepreneurs, coaches & happily-married Belgian/American couple

Hey guys, we’re Kim & Cheyanne Cleyman, a Belgian-American married couple who are crazy about love, romance, intimacy, passion and everything about MARRIAGE.

However, this wasn’t always the case.

We grew up with very different mindsets when it came to marriage. Cheyanne had wanted to get married since she was 4 & committed to waiting for marriage to have sex , whereas Kim -like most of his generation & fellow Belgians- believed marriage was outdated and not necessary.

(You can check more about that here)

However, after meeting in a very fairy-tale-like way, at a mutual friend’s wedding in a castle in the Netherlands, we got married after only 4 months of long-distance dating. 

So, how did two people, living on two different continents & having two totally different concepts on marriage, fall-in-love & decide to get married after only 4 months together?

During our 4 months of long distance dating, we read the book “The Meaning of Marriage” by Timothy Keller, as well as having several intentional pre-marital conversations with Cheyanne’s pastor, Armando.

The book and our accompanying conversations completely revolutionized our relationship as, together, we discovered what ‘marriage’ was intended to be.

To put it simply, we fell in love with each other as we both fell in love with God’s design of marriage. 

It was by discovering this unconditional love in action, the type you don’t see on TV or in the movies, that led us both to each other and this work of reclaiming the true meaning of marriage for other couples to enjoy and experience. 

During our first 4 years of marriage, we’ve encountered our share of marital challenges & life changes such as Cheyanne’s immigrating to a new country, learning a new language & becoming a stepmom, to our having a baby during Covid, moving homes, becoming full-time entrepreneurs and even experiencing a miscarriage. 

However, we looked at all these challenges through the lens of ‘it all happening for us’, not to us, and gained a stronger, more passionate marriage through it all.

Having both left long-time careers that were no longer fulfilling to us, it’s our mission to help other couples to have a marriage that only gets stronger & more passionate as the years go on.

Want to know how you can build an intimacy that lasts a lifetime? Do you want to live your very own fairytale happily ever after?

Come join us!

Let’s reclaim marriage together! 

-Kim & Cheyanne