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Baby Cleyman is a bouncing BABY BOY!

Yes, ok. So, I know I am waaaaaayyyyy late to the party. But hey, I’m a new mom who just got through her “4th trimester” – I’m allowed, right?

Never did we suspect when we first discovered that we were pregnant last July, that we would be giving birth during a worldwide pandemic. What still seems like something reserved just for a Sci-Fi movie – is still VERY much every person on Earth’s reality.

In fact, I am updating our blog from my parent’s home in Florida (USA). Just about 2 weeks ago, I introduced them to our amazing son, Mason Brave Lent Cleyman, at the Orlando airport.

Mason is now 3.5 months old and spent most of his first weeks of his life enclosed indoors, in the comfort of our own home, with no visitors or outside time.

Just two weeks before I gave birth to our son at home, Belgium went on a lockdown and my parents had to cancel their trip to Europe. Ironically, Mason didn’t to make his grand arrival on the very day they would have landed in Paris.

So now, I am here alone with Mason (Kim & Billie had to stay back in Belgium ’cause of CoVid), and I am finally updating our blog. Maybe one day, I’ll come back on here and share more moments from our birth…from the first few months at home with Mason…but for now, I just want to update on here…a blog that began after a surprise enchanting meeting of two people at wedding, to which now lead not even a year and half later to oceans crossed and this sweet baby boy born, he is not just a part of our story, but a major role in the rest of our journey.

The fairytale continues with our beautiful prince.

He’s almost 16 weeks. Blonde hair, blue eyes, full of joy, wonder, smiles and toots! He’s the most zen and happy baby I’ve ever met. He’s in the 99th percentile for size and he’s already trying to crawl.

My heart now officially lives outside of my body. He’s the boy I’ve always dreamed of & MORE.

I can’t believe it. I am officially a MAMA now. Forever and always,


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