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It seems you are living in a good marriage and you sure have all the ingredients you need to make it a great one.

In order to grow it into an even better marriage, based on your answers in this quiz, we would recommend you and your spouse to focus on ‘better crisis management‘.

Better Crisis Management

Every marriage has its high & low moments. However, perhaps in yours, the highs are really high, and the lows are extra low.

Misunderstanding, miscommunication and generally not comprehending each other can lead to some difficulties in your marriage.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of how men & women think and process things differently.

It could also come from your different upbringings and “normals.”

However, either way, if you focus on how to handle the “little things” in a more constructive way, your marital intimacy will soar to the next level.

We know the best way to get you started is to start with YOU. Say what? Seems a little unfair, right? Don’t worry, we will pull your spouse into this soon.

However, we believe that the BEST way you can work on your marriage is to work on yourself first. We can’t control our spouse (believe me, we’ve tried), but we can control ourselves and the actions we take.

The first action we’d like to encourage you to take is to go and check out your email, as we just sent you a tool designed specifically with you in mind.

In this way, we will help you get to the bottom of how you can immediately help & take action to improve crisis management in your own marriage.

(In reading through this answer, please do keep in mind that it’s based on a limited number of questions and standard answers. Therefore, this answer may represent a skewed answer.)

Cheyanne (left) and Kim (right) Cleyman

About us

We are Kim and Cheyanne Cleyman, a European-American married couple living out our fairytale romance in Belgium, Europe.

Sharing a passion for love and marriage, we help happily married couples take their marriage from good to great, for ever after.

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