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Blended Family Success Coaches

Hey there, beautiful

Hey guys! We’re Kim & Cheyanne Cleyman.

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Co-Create your Own Happily Ever After

We are passionate about the power of love in families:
the power to impact generations.

Blended Family Success Coaches

Testimony of the Maneiros for theDoubly Blended Coaching program of the Cleymans

We know that we all desire to grow up and find the love of our lives, get married & grow old together.

(We don’t THINK that’s just us)

This desire is shown in every “chick flick” and Disney movie ever created.

However, they all also have one thing in common, they all end with “…and they lived happily ever after…”

Ok, so, that’s great in all but…NOW WHAT?!

How does one DO just that – and keep that love going & growing for a lifetime?

Yeah, we know, there’s not exactly a handbook for happily ever after.

OR there never was.

That’s where we come in.

We don’t want you love story or romance to end once you say, “I do,” to your soul mate.

No, we will show you how to make the rest of your love story, the BEST PART, of your love story – as you and your partner get to have that happily ever after & live it out every single day…kids, job, and other obligations included!

Happily ever after is now.

Blended Family Success Coaches

Happily ever after can be your reality to.

We will show you how to get there.

Blended Family Success Coaches

Love. Parenting. Spiritual Growth. Travel. Adventure. Entrepreneurship.

ALL included.

We didn’t get here overnight. Since the day we met, our lives have been nothing short of a fairytale.

However, just like in any fairytale, our ride has been quite an adventurous one.  

We often feel like our strength was being tested. 
So often the pressure was so high, because we were living beyond my boundaries. 

But we created a way.

We slayed that dragon and claimed the castle, cleyman our best life.

We discovered how we can go from feeling like we’re swimming against the current, to feeling like you can manage to buck that current and go with the flow. 

Or at least manage life so that our emotions remain under control, and we even feel that we are heard. 

Yes, at times it’s not easy. 

But you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. 

There is another way. 

This is what matters most.

And you can start reclaiming your life, too.

Claim your best life.

Blended Family Culture Coaches

When it’s time to start moving forward, strategically, without wasting any more years and trade frustration for empowerment.

And thrive in a marriage where communication lines are open and love roams freely within the hearts of both lovers. 

Blended Family Culture Coaches

Where a family can be a happy family, 

and a marriage lasts happily ever after.