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Boundaries in CoParenting

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Ah, that BUZZ WORD is everywhere nowadays – isn’t it?!  

So, what ARE they actually? 

 And how do you know what ones are right for you?  

How do you make sure they stay in place & your co-parent doesn’t walk all over you? 

We’re going to dive deep into ALL those questions here. No worries.  

Perhaps the BEST place to start would be establishing what ARE boundaries.  

Simply put, boundaries are rules you put up that show people how to treat you. When boundaries are not in place, people, even ones with the best intentions, can walk all over you. Perhaps you’ve experienced this in your life…with a boss, your friends or your ex.  

When it comes to your coparenting relationship, it is crucial for the right boundaries to be put up in place. How do you know which boundaries are right for you? One expert we asked on this topic said the best way to figure this out is to look for and focus on the areas where you feel hurt. When you and your ex are communicating, and there’s certain things or situations that you feel hurt or pain, that’s a big indicator that there needs to be a boundary put up there.  

One huge bonus about boundaries…

…is that your ex doesn’t have to agree with them in order for you to establish them. In fact, you don’t even have to communicate with them that you’re doing it. As Nike says, just do it. And do it consistently. 

Chances are, if your ex has been able to treat you a certain way for many years, they won’t adjust to your new boundaries very easily. But remember, this isn’t about them. It’s not about making them happy or comfortable. That’s not your job or responsibility. They are responsible for their own peace and happiness – as are you for your own. Establishing boundaries in your relationship with your ex is about protecting your peace, your sanity and your marriage.  

What if you ex pushes back with your newfound boundaries?

Don’t let up. Be consistent. Over time, they will get the hint.  

What we’ve walked you through above is merely an abridged version, or “Cliff Notes,” of a fantastic interview with just did with single mom & co-parenting expert, Katie Davie. To go deeper, get the full details & strategize your OWN boundaries with us, go check out our full interview at the link below:

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