How can you call yourself a coach? What do you know about coaching step families?

What qualifies someone to be a coach? Is it a degree? A title? Hours spent in a classroom? Only you can answer that for yourself. A coach, to everyone, has a different meaning and definition. I don’t know what being a coach means to you, but I DO know that the biggest impact I’ve everContinue reading “How can you call yourself a coach? What do you know about coaching step families?”

To marry or not to marry?

To marry or not to marry? …is that even a question? There was a time in my life, before meeting Cheyanne, that I whole heartedly would have said: “No, that’s not even a question.” Meaning the answer is obviously a NO. Marriage was not necessary to me. But now, two years later, I still wholeContinue reading “To marry or not to marry?”

New challenges brought new levels to communication in our marriage

Life is good: You and your spouse are communicating well. There’s this beautiful flow and state of bliss in your relationship. And then – just when you think you got it – life has a way of humbling you, right? Do you know that feeling that when you THINK you “know” something, you’re very quicklyContinue reading “New challenges brought new levels to communication in our marriage”

Adventure 101 with Mommy & Mason: Crossing An Ocean with our 8 Month old boy!

I still can ‘t believe I am writing this to all of you under the beautiful sunshine in the middle of December from Florida, USA. Mason and I have been blessed, that in his first 8 months of life, he’s gotten to travel to the States twice. Even in the midst of Co-vid times, ourContinue reading “Adventure 101 with Mommy & Mason: Crossing An Ocean with our 8 Month old boy!”

Coming back to our ROOTS!

Ever feel like you lose a little bit of perspective in life? Like, sometimes you just find yourself off track from what your original purpose or intention was? I found myself in that kind of “fog” with this blog until recently. I started coming here with an “I HAVE TO” mentality…and I didn’t like that.Continue reading “Coming back to our ROOTS!”

Stay At Home Mom Life – my first 4 weeks!

“This can be my biggest dream come true, while also being one of the hardest things I’ve ever done…including, not loving it ALL the time.” I’ve now been a FULL TIME Mom for almost 6 months. I use the term “full time” because before my son, Mason, I was a nanny for 10 years &Continue reading “Stay At Home Mom Life – my first 4 weeks!”

And just like that, our BREASTFEEDING journey is over.

Already in 5 short months, I’ve learned so much of mothering is a process of letting go & surrendering 💕  Some happen right away; where others happen slowly over time 🥰 In my 3rd day as a mama, I experienced – what was to me – A devastating blow & realized that my body wouldn’tContinue reading “And just like that, our BREASTFEEDING journey is over.”

From Sea to Shining Sea

Waking up the morning after our epic night in Niagara Falls – one couldn’t help but immediately think – COULD IT REALLY GET EVEN BETTER THAN THIS?! Even though I’ve been given the title of “Miss Optimistic” since I was a teenager, even I, couldn’t help but wonder what would await us on the road.Continue reading “From Sea to Shining Sea”

Saying Yes to THEE Dress: 1 Hour Later!

As promised, Kim & I want to “lift the veil” a little (pun TOTALLY intended), and share with y’all more about the real “behind the scenes” miracles that continued to unfold as we began to plan & prepare for saying “I DO.” For every bride, one of the most exciting items to prepare for &Continue reading “Saying Yes to THEE Dress: 1 Hour Later!”