Feeling sidelined in your own stepfamily? Not NO MORE.

“A mother’s love makes a house a home.” It doesn’t matter if you’re a biological mom or not, this quote lives on in the hearts of women everywhere. We have the desire to love our families and to love them well.  However, in a stepfamily, this love, no matter how genuine, doesn’t always automatically transformContinue reading “Feeling sidelined in your own stepfamily? Not NO MORE.”

NOT Doing This Will Set Your Blended Family Up To Fail – Fast

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” We’ve all heard that one before.  But what about this one, “success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.”  It’s one thing to plan for a certain situation and it doesn’t work out the way you thought. That’s life, and especially life in a blended family.  However, toContinue reading “NOT Doing This Will Set Your Blended Family Up To Fail – Fast”

What Every Stepmom Wishes Her Husband Understood

What Every Stepmom Wishes Her Husband Understoo There’s a saying that goes that women want to be loved, and men want to be respected. Now, I am sure we can all agree, we, regardless of gender, want some of both – however, one of those may often be more important to a wife rather thanContinue reading “What Every Stepmom Wishes Her Husband Understood”

No more babies?

“No, babe, sorry, no more babies for me… I already have kids.” Has your boyfriend or husband said this to you before? Or maybe you’re a man reading this that feels that way too? Chances are, you’re in a stepfamily. And like many stepfamilies, there’s a lot of challenges & obstacles to overcome – includingContinue reading “No more babies?”

Turning 34

Wow. Here I am. Ending my Jesus year. On to 34. “Jesus year,” you may ask? Huh? I remember the first time I heard that. Jesus himself only lived to his 33rd year, and wow, what a year it was for him. I am now OLDER than the most important person in my life everContinue reading “Turning 34”

Boundaries in CoParenting

Boundaries!   Ah, that BUZZ WORD is everywhere nowadays – isn’t it?!   So, what ARE they actually?   And how do you know what ones are right for you?   How do you make sure they stay in place & your co-parent doesn’t walk all over you?  We’re going to dive deep into ALL those questions here. NoContinue reading “Boundaries in CoParenting”

Breaking News: The EX ISN’T Your Biggest Problem

Living in a blended family is a true trial & test for your marriage. The pressure continually keeps growing and you can’t remember the last time you were IN your comfort zone.  As a young American woman who doesn’t speak Dutch (the language of the land she lives in), Chey knows all too well how itContinue reading “Breaking News: The EX ISN’T Your Biggest Problem”

Why You Need To Go To Court

From a StepMom & Bio Dad’s perspective Going to court for child custody is NOT an easy topic. Quite frankly, we don’t think anyone WANTS to go there. It usually comes, from our experience personally and with our clients, out of necessity. It takes a lot of time, finances and emotional energy to achieve childContinue reading “Why You Need To Go To Court”

You are in mixed-cultural marriage. You might just not realize it.

Wait, so what IS is culture anyway?  In some relationships it’s overly clear that there are multiple cultures at play. For instance, it’s obvious that this is so in mixed-racial love relationships, but when people look at us, the Cleymans, they wouldn’t assume that there are cultural differences at play. However, whenever two different continentsContinue reading “You are in mixed-cultural marriage. You might just not realize it.”

How To Make Your New Years’ Resolutions Stick

If you’re anything like us, now that the Christmas season is over, you’ve already entered into the stage of self reflection. When we all come to this time of year, there are often two feelings we have: either this past year was one to never forget, or maybe one where you want to try and forget sooner rather than later.  Even though the world seems to be spinning crazier by the day, we believe it offers us the opportunity to learn, and learn aContinue reading “How To Make Your New Years’ Resolutions Stick”