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Cleyman 2.0

Where we’ve been & where we’re headed

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We’ve had a crazy 18 months. After a stepfamily adventure, we felt that it was time to expand our horizons. We learned a ton, and not just about the science of blending families and helping others in doing so. We’re glad we had that experience, and the programs we developed live on to impact the many generations living in blended families.

But that’s not what this blog, Cleyman 2.0, is about.

In this blog, we share with you why we made the shift to leave our work with stepfamilies, where we’re headed next & what we’re focusing on now and most importantly, why all of this matters to you. 

Cleyman 2.0 has only just begun

Why did we leave stepfamily work?

Who we are does not define us.

While we may be a stepfamily, it is not our only focus or mission in life. It definitely is not our greatest passion in life. And even though the outside world may predominantly see us that way, to us it’s just our ‘normal’. 

However, living in a pandemic with a lot of our freedoms being taken away, made us go back to our basics. It forced us to cut away all the excess, while revealing what really matters to us.

What remained sure weren’t the labels others use to describe us, but rather more Core Cleyman. 

We realized the importance of working within your purpose-driven mission, and not just an idea that “sounded good” or “makes sense” because it’s a label you have upon you. We no longer wanted to work with stepfamilies just because we were one, or we saw a need, we wanted to leave that work to the people that felt called to it. When we stripped away all the reasons we were doing this work, we realized it wasn’t aligned with our true purpose. 

Cheers to our new beginnings in Cleyman 2.0

Why the change for Cleyman 2.0?

What we DO defines us

Wait, what? Isn’t it the other way around? “It’s not what we do but who we are that defines us.”

You’re absolutely right. But to us, in this season of our lives, it is not so much.

Yes, we ARE a step family, but also so much more. And we noticed that our passion automatically goes to -and what’s at the core of a successfully blended family– is “MARRIAGE”. This has always been at the root of our passion and what we love discussing most of all. We see marriage as the strong foundation that families are built upon and know that if that isn’t stable, the rest of the family will crumble underneath. Especially in a time where marriage itself has become arguably more “obsolete” than ever, we feel an incredibly exciting sense of duty to “reclaim” marriage back to its original design. 

Now, we are fully going to be working in our purpose-driven work with Cleyman 2.0

So, what are we doing now?

“We are what we believe we are” C.S. Lewis

Lastly, our decision to shift was rooted in the fact that we are together & we believe that’s for a reason – not just for our family & kids, but a deeper, greater purpose meant to serve the world. 

Together we overcome, grow, get better, and are invincible. We are stronger together. We know that our marriage is beyond us. It’s for us, but also for you, and for other people who want something better for their marriage. We’ve experienced in our own marriage that it can be the greatest blessing & opportunity for personal growth, however, we know for thousands of couples, this just isn’t the case. We believe it can be. And that’s why, we’re now on a mission to help you grow intimacy in your relationship, so you can experience more romance & get a stronger marriage over time, just as God intended.

Why does Cleymans 2.0 matter to you?

We are much more than what we portrayed ourselves to be in the past. 

Since, we are what we believe , we know together we can claim our best life. We believe we’re not meant to just grow up, get a job, work 50 years, retire & die. We also don’t believe you’re meant to only have butterflies in the beginning of your relationship. You’re not meant to passionately fall-in-love, get married and then just survive the next 50-60 years until death do us part.

Together, alongside each other, we will be sharing just how we “do it” – how we, despite the crazy pressures & challenges of marriage, work, kids & etc., add passion into our daily marriage & are setting ourselves up to grow with one another for a lifetime. We are on a journey of living our best life…of claiming our best life. And we want to guide you on your own too. 

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We can’t wait to get to know you and grow your marriage together.

Your best is yet to come. See you there! 

-Kim & Cheyanne 

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