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Your “Free you Home from the Ex” guide is on its way to your inbox.

Right now I want you to

Let the feeling of being FREED from the ex
take over your entire mind and body

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve tried before that didn’t have the (lasting) effect you were seeking.

It doesn’t matter what she’s done and what she’s said.

It also doesn’t matter what you’ve done or said.


is that YOU are here

is that YOU don’t give up

is that YOU don’t let her define who you are

is that YOU keep getting up and STANDING UP.

SOMEONE may try to make you feel that you are inferior,

but take it from me when I say that you ARE NOT.


Have you ever wondered that it might even be a compliment when the ex calls you a ‘bad stepmom’?

I remember getting slack for cooking my stepdaughter healthy food.
Crazy as it may sound, but my husband’s ex went all out demanding that her daughter got to eat crappy food.

How are you doing the right thing
while she may claim that you’re not?

Once again, I want to congratulate you on taking steps to get her out of your home.

And yes, momma: it’s definitely possible for you too!


Can I share one more BIG tip with you?

Something that stood out to me
when I was going through scientific research
looking for proven strategies…

Something that was good
in most happy stepfamilies that made it…

Something that was off
in most unhappy stepfamilies that didn’t make it…

The relationship between the stepparent and the stepchild(ren)

If that would be something that you would like to get better in your family…

I hereby would like to invite you for a FREE coaching session.

Schedule your
included in your order.
(no additional cost to you)

My biggest goal for you is that you get a system in place to start CO-CREATING the family and home environment where you truly feel at home (and do it perpetually!) so that you can fully embrace the role of the mom in you own home and family that you were born to be.

On our call I’ll share with you exactly:

  • How to feel at home in your own home when you’re with your own family
  • How to claim your role as a bonus mom so that you can contribute to your stepchildren’s life
  • How to blend parenting with stepparenting
  • How to create a life where you and your (step)children can thrive
  • The fastest route to being the best mom-stepmom you can be
  • How to live your happily ever after every day for the rest of your life

I call it claiming your “Re-Invisioned Mom Authority”!

Based on scientific research on what sets apart successful blended families, a proven system was developed for you to co-create the conditions you need to truly feel yourself as you blend roles of mom and stepmom. That system can literally save you years of wasted time & energy and protect you from heart-aches and disillusions.

It is a proven fast track to you blended happily ever after.

Many mom-stepmoms all around the world already are thriving because of the system that allows you to CREATE the circumstances where all your family members can thrive, and enjoying their happily ever after.

And so will you!

“You don’t have to stay stuck

“Blending a family doesn’t mean things are just stuck a certain way, or that the stepparent has to make all the adaptations. WE have the power to discuss topics, to make changes, to decide together how we want to operate our household/family.”



95% of Rapid Success Can be Attributed to Just Three Things…

Get the right mentor

Having the right mentor can change everything –
it is the pivotal moment where your can go from feeling like the fifth wheel to taking the wheel in your home and family.

Smoothly blending families and transitioning from being a stepmom to a ‘real’ mom is next to impossible.  Without someone to guide you – someone who’s been there and still is, someone who’s done the hard work- you end up going down rabbit hole after rabbit hole, wasting your time, losing energy and ultimately giving away your life force in exchange for always feeling like you’re losing, like you’re the odd one out, leaving you drained and feeling like a failure.

Having the right coach, one who’s been there, and who’s living the happily ever after in her blended family … 
Can save you from the struggle and disillusions that can make or break your marriage, family, and generations. Surrounding you with the right support and guidance is the best way to grow from discouragement to empowerment in your home.

AND get you living out the role of the mom you know you could be the fastest way possible! We call it “Claiming Your Re-Invisioned Mom Authority“!

Don’t Have a Mentor?

(Or the one you have isn’t getting you anywhere?)

Get a proven system

If you don’t have a plan, a specific strategy to navigate the merky waters blended family life brings along, you could easily feel overwhelmed by the many challenges that come at you all at once, leaving you exhausted and frustrated.

Hop on a call with me and I will show you what WORKS for so many mom-stepmoms who are in the exact same situation you are in right now!

Co-Create your own,
unique family home culture

And embrace the role as mom in your home and family, so that you can raise YOUR CHILD(ren)
the way you always knew you would,
while loving happily ever after.

You don’t need super human powers.

And you don’t need to do everything on your own.

You just need to focus on the right thing in the right time. I’d gladly show you how.

You can’t change the effect
without changing the cause.

A proven system that deals

with causes rather than effects.

Hi, momma! It’s Cheyanne here again…

I know we just met, but sometimes things fall in your lap at exactly the moment they’re supposed to… would you agree?

Here’s what I know for sure:

99% of struggling moms will NOT GET THE RIGHT HELP in their home and family and will continue to drown, get physical issues… or divorce.

1% will make the decision to take action, get the support they need, and step into the role as the mom of the home and family they KNOW they should be.

Are you in the 1%? 

Cheyanne Cleyman


Imagine if you could…

  • raise your ‘ours’ baby the way you’ve always envisioned,
    without the fuss that comes with every decision
  • have a say in your own home, without being hated by your stepchildren
  • make decisions without feeling like your spouse’s enemy
  • share what you’re going through with your spouse,
    without pushing them away or adding stress to their life
  • move forward strategically, without wasting time and feeling frustrated
  • establish open communication lines with your spouse, without feeling unsafe or intimidated


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