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Feeling sidelined in your own stepfamily? Not NO MORE.

A mother’s love makes a house a home.” It doesn’t matter if you’re a biological mom or not, this quote lives on in the hearts of women everywhere. We have the desire to love our families and to love them well. 

However, in a stepfamily, this love, no matter how genuine, doesn’t always automatically transform a house into a home. This is often caused by role confusion and feeling like an outsider in your own home.

However, you don’t have to stay there, step mama.  

It’s only normal that you don’t want to stay on the sideline any longer. You’d rather get in the action as the heart of your family. Simply because, it’s where you belong. Your family needs you. 

a man and woman carrying their daughter while having fun
A mother’s love can transform a home

Life is about action – it’s in the doing that we see change and movement occur.  Want to know what you CAN do to get yourself off the sidelines in your own family? 

Well, when I was experiencing this myself during my first year as a stepmama, I took advice from some of my favorite athletes, whom have all played at the top level, and applied it to my role on my team, as a stepmother. 

And it was TOO GOOD to keep to myself. 

Here, I share with you, using sports analogies, how, you too, can get off the bench and stop watching from the sidelines. 

1. Eliminate Your Opponents

Sometimes it’s your partners well-meaning family members, sometimes it’s his jealous & overbearing ex and other times, it’s even ourselves. Wherever there are roadblocks that’s blocking you from your success as a strong leader on your team, put up boundaries and focus on what you can control.  

2. Follow Your Captain

There’s a reason why in most sports there’s only one captain at the team. He/she can’t win the whole game themselves, but, when it comes down to it, they are the leader. They are the point person. They’re also the one that takes credit for the losses. Allow your partner to be the leader, support him and trust his intuition as he leads your family.  

3. Practice Like Its The Game

If you practice like it’s the game, you’ll always bring your top effort to the real thing. Even when your step kids aren’t there, bring them up in conversation. Create an atmosphere where it supports their presence in your life. That way, when they are back in your home, it’s an easier transition for you & your partner physically and emotionally.  

Stepmama, it’s time for you to play a key role in your family’s success.

Apply these 3 plays, practice them over and over, and you’ll be well on your way.  

Love these plays, but find yourself wanting MORE? I was hoping you’d say that. For 3 more tips, come DOWNLOAD our FREE “Sidelined Stepmom: NO MORE” playbook.  

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Want something that’ll guide you towards creating your own first steps in your playbook? It’ll give you your play-by-play to “win” your game & come out as a MVP.

Say goodbye to the bench, mama. Time to go score some goals,  

Cheyanne Cleyman 

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