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Honeymoon in Spain!


Hola Amigos!

4 months after we were wed in the United States, Kim & I got to take an official honeymoon together in Spain. Never could I have imagined growing up that I would go somewhere so beautiful and so exotic for my special time away with my husband.


I DO remember as a young girl, dreaming about going somewhere warm, but also somewhere my husband and I could be adventurous. I never wanted to just lay on a beach somewhere!

If I was getting a tan, I wanted to work for it! Now, looking back on our week, all my dreams (and a billion more) we’re answered.


We climbed to and swam in water falls.


We danced under the stars where we were personally serenaded by a local singer with her guitar off her balcony.


We walked, on the coast, between towns & even went skinny dipping. No photos included!


We spent 6 hours walking around Benidorm – a beautiful, sea side town that had the best Sangria.


We hiked 7 hours through the beautiful Spanish mountains.


We biked 13 miles through the ancient city of Valencia.


We explored the old cobble strong streets of the city of Altea.


Perhaps, my favourite part was the nightly evening chats together, under the stars, where we sipped cava & grew closer with every breath.


We are both so amazed that we only met 8 months ago, and yet feel as if we’ve known each other for a lifetime. The intimacy we got to develop during our time in Spain was paramount & something we will never forget.


Now, back in Belgium, I am officially a Belgian citizen (green card & all), getting signed up for language classes, getting ready to launch our online health & fitness business for families and our fairy tale continues.


Thanks for joining along with us! 

-Cheyanne & Kim

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