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How To Better Communicate With Your Husband

In just 3 days, your entire marriage could completely change

Even the healthiest marriages can slip into slumps and seasons of disconnection. After a few years into marriage, you may find yourself thinking: “Is this the person I married? I thought they’d be different.” It’s so easy to fall into the trap of fear or hopelessness when in the midst of your job, social commitments, kids &, etc, you and your spouse drift apart. 

Want to feel seen, heard & understood by your husband in just 3 days? Whether you’re rolling your eyes or sighing right now, just know that it IS totally possible. 

So often when women feel misunderstood & disconnected from their husbands, there are just a few simple shifts to make that can shake up their relationship and get them back on the same page. 

Today, we’re going to share with you our 3 simple steps to get you feeling seen, heard and understood in your marriage as soon as possible. By the end of this week, by learning how to better communicate with your husband, your whole marriage could shift back on track.

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Take an interest in discovering how you & your spouse speak and also understand love. It’s important to discover how your spouse receives love best but also to communicate to your spouse how you feel love best too. Give your man a confidence boost by sharing with him exactly how he can win your heart over & over again by loving you best.

Every spouse wants their love to be well-received. You’ve committed to each other for life. Aim to not judge or change your spouse’s love language. Focus your time & energy into loving your spouse in their top love language. Give all you got focused in the right area. Invest this and you’ll get so much more in return. You’ll be filling up their love bucket in the right way. 

It’s like an actual language…it takes time and effort, but with consistency and repetition, you’ll get your groove and you’ll develop your own language just between the two of you. 

Allow us to make this easier on you and put this all into action RIGHT NOW with our #3DayMarriageChallenge. In just 15 minutes a day, you’ll be speaking your spouse’s love language in no time.

*Find out your & your spouse’s love language right here.

By learning how to better communicate with your husband, your whole marriage could shift back on track.


Talk about a game changer. Learn not only how to love your spouse in the right way, but how to apologize effectively too. Not all apologies are created equal. Every single one of us has a way we receive apologies best. When you know how to say “I’m sorry” best, it opens up the pathways of deeper and healthier communication. This can take away frustrations, resistance and resentment. Don’t skip this step! 

The 5 Apology Languages are:

-Expressing Regret 

-Accepting Responsibility 

-Genuinely Repenting 

-Making Restitution

-Requesting Forgiveness  

Find out your & your spouse’s apology language here.

Learning how to better communicate with your husband could bring whole marriage could shift back on track.


Time to take it to the next level. You’re probably quite aware by now – your spouse’s normal is different from your normal. Our normals are so close to us that sometimes it’s harder to see and put into words. Discover who you are and who your spouse is at their core by discovering both of your “normals.”

So, how can you better discover what your “normals” are? We’d suggest discovering your and your husband’s normals by taking a personality test. The one we’d suggest is Myers-Briggs. It showcases your specific strengths & weaknesses, career and workplace, parenting, friendships & romantic relationships. It helps you pinpoint and clearly communicate your uniqueness to yourself and also to your spouse. It’ll give you a “behind the scenes” look inside your spouse’s heart & mind and give you the words to discuss your normals and find a common ground. 

Find out your & your spouse’s here

The magic lies in applying what you learn about the other.

None of this actually matters unless you communicate these things to your spouse and do so in a way that he can understand. This is where you put it all together and do this for one another. Then, you both & your marriage can become stronger. Your spouse helps you, you help them, and together you both can feel seen, heard & understood.

This can be easier said than done. However, we know this can be a struggle for so many women, to actually get through to their man, so, we created a system where you can learn how to push his R.I.G.H.T buttons. 

Are you fed up with being MORE frustrated AFTER the conversation than BEFORE it even started?!

Having difficult discussions becomes easy when you know the right buttons to push. Download this FREE PDF here so you can see how you too can have any conversation with your husband without worrying about the future of your marriage.

We look forward to hearing about all your successes.

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See you there, wifey!

-Cheyanne Cleyman

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