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How To Make Your New Years’ Resolutions Stick

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If you’re anything like us, now that the Christmas season is over, you’ve already entered into the stage of self reflection. 
When we all come to this time of year, there are often two feelings we have: either this past year was one to never forget, or maybe one where you want to try and forget sooner rather than later. 

Even though the world seems to be spinning crazier by the day, we believe it offers us the opportunity to learn, and learn a lot. We’re on the fast track to getting a PhD in…life…or maybe, “adulting”!  

By now, it’s obviously clear to all of us that ‘change is here to stay’. 
We’re never going back to the way it once was. 

We’re sure there are things you are currently missing, but when we’re completely honest we all have to admit that there were things that we’d never want to go back to ever again. 

One of those things that changed in the Cleyman household this year, is the famous “not following through on health-related new year’s resolutions”. One of the perks of living during this era of pandemic is that we’ve become more aware of the value of our health. Maybe even both physically and mentally. 

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How’s that going in your family, guys? 
How do stepfamilies cope with these crazy times of fear and separation? 

We see the societal division being played out in miniature in our own home, where we hold opposing ideas of how to handle the insecurities we face on a daily basis. Suffice to say, that once again, it’s the little ones that are stuck in the middle, not knowing who or what to believe while the levels of stress seem to rise. Just like they do in society. 

That’s how we feel that this year could be different from all previous ones. 
This time we feel that the stakes are higher. Perhaps for the first time in our lives, we have to live with the fact that the future is not a given. Uncertainty is the new normal. We can’t assume any longer that in two years the world will be like it was two years ago. 

“In two years we’ll take that trip where we spend a month backpacking through South-East Asia.” Nope. Live your dream, now. Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today, for that day may never come. It’s the here and the now that matters. It’s here and now that we’re enjoying every step of the ride. 

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So ,what one small seemingly insignificant thing have you been putting off for way too long? 
What is it that you feel in every cell in your body that you can do to love yourself better, to be a better friend to yourself? 
What is that thing that makes you feel like a lousy parent when you do it in front of your children? (Anyone else lose their temper too quickly or drop an F bomb or two too often?) 

While you think on these, we’re going to give you a boost towards your goals.  

We see the solution as simple as applying these 3 Simple Steps to making sure your resolutions don’t end in January. We want to help set you and your family up for a thriving 2022 and beyond. 

First Tip: It all starts in the head  


Chey’s mom used to tell her – “what you think about, you bring about.” Basically, if you want something different in your life or you want to experience change in an area, you got to begin by thinking about it differently.  

This sounds so….rudimentary, right? Most of us know this…however, with seeing how many weeks, months or even years go by, without the change we are so desperately seeking to happen, we know it’s harder to do than we think.  

One of the ways we begin to change our mindset for goals we have for the New Year, or anything really, is by writing it down. There is something SO powerful about seeing it right there on the paper. When you see it in front you, then you can begin to recite it and see it as more tangible. Write your goals down on sticky notes and hang them around the house – somewhere you must see them everyday. Over time, these words will transform into new, healthy mindsets in your brain.  

Second Tip: Time to act 

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Now that you’ve thought about it, it’s now time to act upon it. Don’t get overwhelmed by this step. We suggest by starting with something small.  
Start with just one simple thing. 
And then, build an alliance. 
How can your spouse help you? 
How can you help your spouse achieve their goals for this new year? 

Turn to your partner and strategize ways you can help each other achieve your goals. Chances are by working together as a team will inspire you to stick to your own goals and help your sweetie stick to theirs. Nothing builds intimacy and self-confidence more than achieving goals together!  

Third Tip: Don’t Stop 

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Yep, you read that right. No ground breaking last tip for you here…it really is that simple. At least, to read those two words. Starting with a new habit is always easier in the beginning, when it’s still fresh in your mind and soul. But probably you’ve noticed that as time goes by, it seems to become harder to keep up with it. 

But that doesn’t mean that we should quit. 

That new habit can become a part of the new you. In fact, it is inevitable that it starts to define the new you. You CAN DO IT. There’s just one little thing that you cannot do, and that is give up. 

Well, you could. But you’ve done that before. We’ve been there too. And where did it get us? 

Nowhere FAST! Be consistent in tenaciously pursuing your dreams.  

As long as you never give up, you will reach your ‘mission accomplished’. 

It’s hard to stick to resolutions and accomplish your goals on your own. But, you don’t have to be alone anymore. If you’d like a community of champions, people who, just like you, are falling down, getting up and moving forward towards their dream life then click the link before to connect with us and chat about how you can join our exclusive online tribe. We can’t wait to hear from you!  

-The Cleymans  

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