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“Meet The Parents”!

MEET THE PARENTS. “We need to FOCKERIZE – or well, Lent-ify him.”


Not only has that been one of my favorite movies for some time now, but it’s also something I’ve been looking forward to experiencing with Kim for weeks.

If I was being completely authentic and honest, which is what I want this blog to ALWAYS be, I could say I’ve been looking forward to that moment for years. Actually, now that I am almost 31, I can say I’ve been waiting for THAT moment for a solid decade.

I knew that introducing a man to my parents that I had fallen in love with was going to be not just a special experience for them and me, but also for the man.


I’ve had the blessed experience and opportunity to, while in my 20s, discover my mom and dad not just “my parents”, but as some of my best friends. In getting to do so, I’ve seen what a gift my parents are to this world and would be to any man that would come into my life.

Even though the REAL “meet and greet” in person is still a few weeks away, Kim & my parents got to meet on “FaceTime” about a month ago.


What began as text buddies, and then their first FaceTime with just the 3 of them together, finally came full circle together in mid-November when all FOUR of us got to chat on our phone’s FACE TO FACE.

Even though we were in 3 different time zones, it couldn’t have been MORE perfect.


It was SO natural and for once, I may have been the one that was most quiet. NOPE, NOT A TYPO. IT really happened. I was reveling in the joy of this moment. 

I always trusted and believed that God would bring me a man that would cherish and love my parents as much as I did. I knew whoever I would fall in love with, would have to be comfortable with the closeness of my parents and I.


I also knew the right man would be blessed by my parents. My mom & dad have such incredible personalities and amazing amounts of love in their heart, I’d never ever want to be selfish with them. I’ve always loved sharing them with the world!

As I was watching this natural, fun, kind, beautiful relationship organically flow out of our time on the phone, I couldn’t help but shed a few happy tears. Ok, there was MORE than a few. And more than from just ME! (Dad, cough, DAD!)


This moment too continues to remind me of how GOOD, FAITHFUL and INTENTIONAL God is, and how this was ALSO


Now, I get the exciting experience of introducing Kim to a “whole new world” in a few short weeks….I get to, in person, introduce him to my parents, my closest friends, and to AMERICA herself. Next up on our exciting adventure? A ROAD TRIP across the USA.

Stay tuned for more details coming your way! Until then, nothing but lots of love to each and every one of you! We are so THANKFUL for you sharing in our joy and journey together!

-Chey & Kim


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