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Mid-Wife for Life

IMG_9169Ok, without that title sounding too much like a 90s rap group or a #HASHTAG, we just revealed a little secret of ours…we’re GOING THE MIDWIFE route for our baby!

After lots of prayer, consideration, and seeking guidance of friends & family, we’ve decided to have our baby at home, with an amazing mid-wife (and her assistant) at her side. 

The truth is: I’ve wanted this since I was 16! Yep, before I ever even came close to a Mom (preggers here with my first at 31), I was watching the Discovery Health Channel & TLC & soaking up EVERY BABY show I could. I was SO facsinated by birth! I couldn’t get enough of it.


During my senior year of school, where we had to chose a senior project/thesis, and I almost chose childbirth/labor. (I was going to call it the “Ins & Outs of Gynocology” – TRUE STORY! Side note: I went instead with building a health & fitness program for college age girls called “Before You Gain the Freshman 15” – seeing where my passion & profession ended up – I’d say I CHOSE WELL!)

Anyway, flashback to today, and I being pregnant & living in Belgium and all – my hubs & I researched our options, and always kept coming back to a home birth. After asking around, as Antwerp & Belgium is still SO new to me – let alone knowing midwives, we were connected to an amazing woman named, Michou. 

We had several friends recommend her – and we even found out that she was the mid-wife who assisted Kim’s brothers girls into the world! Soon after meeting Michou & welcoming her into our home, we knew – SHE WAS THE ONE! 

Her instant warmth, genuine nature, kindness, honesty and straight-forwardness put us completely at ease and know in our bones, we were making the right choice for our family. (I will share more about what we’re preparing for & expecting for our home water birth in a later post)


Today, we had our SECOND appt. with her, at our home, and it was just as amazing as the first. Just like at a typical doctor’s office, Michou took my blood pressure, my heart beat, babies heart beat & asked me about my health and any symptoms I’d be having.

But UNLIKE a doctor’s office, I was in the comfort of my own cozy home, in my leggings, my dog & cat were able to be there, there was no rushing, no smell of bandaids anywhere, and we even got to hear our baby’s heartbeat AND first kicks from our own couch. 

Even after our scary bike accident earlier this week (more on that on my instagram: @IMCAMERACHEY), our baby showed NO signs of distress, was very active & showing off for Mommy, Daddy, and Michou.


And naturally, Humphrey continues to show us what an awesome big brother he ALREADY is.

At 16.5 weeks pregnant, we still have a long way to go, but I’m continually fasinated by ALL things pregnancy, what my body is doing and capable of and am excited to share it all with you. Except the gas. That is all reserved for my poor husband. (Pray for him!)

Thanks for stopping by! Huge hugs from Belgium!


Mrs. Cheyanne Cleyman 


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