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“My Body Was Made To Do This:” How Birth Affirmations are helping us both prep for labor


WOW! It STILL is surreal that when I first started this blog, only about a year ago, I was a    single, 30 year-old woman who had just returned from the most magical, romantic & surprising trip in her life. I’d met the LOVE OF MY LIFE at my friend’s wedding in Belgium…

And now, here I sit, talking to you from my HOME in Belgium, happily married for over a year to that amazing man, and on the cusp of giving birth to our FIRST BABY together.

We’ve officially made it to 39 weeks pregnant and are SO READY to meet Baby Cleyman!

During all of our prep during these last few months for our upcoming home birth, we’ve been focusing on we can best prepare ourselves for an EMPOWERING BIRTH.

Of course, one thing in all of this prep that you quickly realise, is how UNPREDICTABLE birth can be. We know that it’s such a humbling & surrendering process – that is why we are doing our best to prepare for the best, and accept the rest.

One thing we’ve specifically found VERY encouraging & soothing for our souls is preparing birth affirmations for our labor. Now, you may be thinking – WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?

To put it simply, birth affirmations are basically simple, positive & uplifting statements that you repeat to yourself (or have your husband/doula/midwives & other birth partners) during the weeks leading up to your labor AND especially during labor yourself.


Check out my YouTube video below where I go…a little deeper 🙂


Our family took it the next step & not only chose birth affirmations that really resonated with us, but also MADE it all into a family ART project!

With my bonus daughter Billie being such a talented artist & wanting to help her feel more connected to her new brother/sister, we decided to write out the birth affirmations (in English & Dutch), and make them into beautiful paintings that we all created together.

It was an incredible night of bonding, laughter & it further deepened the intimacy in our family. It didn’t make the birth affirmations seem weird – it normalised them, and allowed us to all discuss & talk about why we chose these ones & what made them so special to us.

I’d strongly encourage doing this with your own family during your birth prep! Did you use birth affirmations for your birth? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Let me know & comment below if you’d like me to send you a FREE PDF of the affirmations I have been using.

Thanks for following us in this exciting time of our lives! We will be keeping y’all updated when LABOR BEGINS too!


Cheyanne & Kim

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