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“Now What?!”

SNAP BACK to REALITY. Oops there goes gravity. Yes, I am quoting an Eminem song. For those of you that don’t know me that well, this happens quite often…possibly once a day.

Anyway, back to our story! After the 10 hour flight from Paris, I got off the plane in Los Angeles and was experiencing to many thoughts & emotions. Did all of that just HAPPEN? Was I in a dream?


It’s funny to me, that for the past 7 years, I fly BACK to the “City Of Dreams” in which has, for the time being, has become my home. I remember flying to Los Angeles a few times before I moved there, getting butterflies every time, imagining the possibilities…dreaming of accomplishing so much in my career in the entertainment industry.

Now, this time arriving in Los Angeles, felt SO different. It was the first time that I landed here, that felt like my GREATEST dreams could be created & made into a reality, far away from this “City of Angels.”

However, this all depended on ONE very important fact…would KIM still PURSUE me, and the MIRACLE of our budding romance, even over ALL these thousands of miles apart? Could “WE” even…”BE?”

I didn’t have to wait long for an answer, because the moment I took my phone off of “air plane” mode and I was going through customs, I had messages waiting from Kim.


Was this really happening? It’s not that I thought I wasn’t a woman worthy of pursuit, worthy of capturing a man’s attention, worthy of a man’s love…but when you’ve been praying and expecting for a GREAT, mind-blowing, Earth-shattering, nothing short of miracle type of LOVE STORY like this your WHOLE life – your mind takes a while to catch up!

Once I arrived in Los Angeles, my best friend of 14 years, Justyn (who’s like my brother), picked me up and brought me to my friend’s home in Venice Beach, CA. I had decided to stay a few days in LA to visit with friends, before I went back home to San Diego.


During our first few text conversations, it was so much fun sharing with Kim the sights and sounds of LA and especially, Venice Beach, CA. Venice is such a fun, quirky, eclectic and artsy area! I was also able to “introduce” my newfound romance with 2 of my best friends

You can imagine – like most amazing friends that are like sisters, they both were super excited, but also carried a healthy amount of skepticism. I am honored and lucky to have protective friends. I mean – who goes to Europe and meets there SOUL MATE?! Well, I know of at least one person…

IMG_1243IMG_1248 2

Soon after reconnecting with my “soul sisters” and friends in Los Angeles, I went home to San Diego to do my best and TRY to share with my life’s TRUEST & REALEST of BFFS, my parents, what had just happened to me. How could I put all this into words?

Thankfully, I didn’t have to. Not only did God, I believe, prepare my parents hearts for what was to come, they also could see it written all over my face. My mom and dad, to this day, say that they’ve NEVER seen me GLOW like THIS.


I’ve heard of this GLOW before…heck, I’ve even seen it on other people…but to experience it first hand…it’s an out of body / but yet fully IN body experience – all at the same time! It’s the most amazing present moment to be in.


Shortly after I returned home to San Diego, the next morning, completely out of nowhere, the GLOW continued to come, when Kim surprised me by FaceTiming me!

He so kindly asked – “Is it ok that I CALL you like this?” ARE YOU KIMMING ME?! OMG. IS IT OK!?!?! ?YES. YES YESSSSSSS! Once again, he showed the character I already knew he had.

One thing that was so sweet to recognize is that Kim, and most Belgians, do NOT use their phones the way we, Americans do. Throughout our conversation, I could see Kim trying to warm up talking to a camera, and getting comfortable seeing himself through this device….and let’s not forget to mention as a high school teacher, Kim was also harassed by so many teenagers walking by, as he was talking to me. Even though he was being ridiculed, he didn’t care. He wanted to talk to me. He made me feel important. He made me feel so SPECIAL even through a phone!


As this spontaneous hour long call ended (after what seemed like 2 minutes), I realized I hadn’t brushed my hair or put on any makeup…and yet Kim looked at me like I was the “belle of the ball.” I LOVE how comfortable he already made me feel. I felt so free and so inhibited when talking to him. He made me again…feel at ease!

In this next week, as I prepared to drive across country with my Dad, to take care of my Grandma for a few months in Upstate New York  & journey into an unknown future, I couldn’t help but begin to imagine…would Kim also be in that future too….

Stay tuned….for the next page in our story…


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