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Planning To Cross the Ocean; Overcoming Obstacles & Getting to NYC

…FINALLY! The time had come. After 98 days apart, Kim & I were going to finally be in each other’s arms again. However, it almost didn’t happen.

Let me take a step back…in my last post, I talked about the incredible book that really laid the strong foundation for us to build our relationship & marriage upon – and I PROMISE to write more about that in future posts. There’s just TOO much WISDOM there to overlook. We began reading that book around the end of November 2018.


(Last Facetime convo before heading to USA)

Then, on Dec. 21, it was time for us to be reunited. Now it was Kim’s chance to cross some oceans. However, the morning he was intended to leave, got off to a tumultuous start. I was originally planning to go pick him up at Newark airport in New Jersey. Talk about anticipation! The week leading up to his arrival – I remember planning ever detail. What I would wear. Where we would stay our first night. How I would decorate the room. How we would spend our day in NYC.

When Kim went to the airport the morning of the 21st (winter solstice), the officials there told him that he needed a visa to travel to the USA, even after he had confirmed many times he didn’t need one. Panic set in and we were put through one of our first big challenges as a couple. How would Kim get to the USA? Were all of our plans ruined?


Most of you didn’t know what we did – we were planning to get married just two weeks after his arrival. Kim’s head was spinning – he was told he may not be able to get approved for a visa for 3 business days – and with it being Christmas time – it could take much longer than that. When all this was happening for Kim, it was around 4am my time in upstate New York. I couldn’t sleep. My soul was resting…and now I know why. My man needed my help.

Through the phone, Kim shared with me what was going on and we worked together to aim to figure out a solution. I was so worried, frustrated and scared for Kim, but I NEVER let him see that. I remained strong and preserved.

God gave us ANOTHER miracle, that when Kim applied for the visa at the Brussels airport (that was supposed to take a minimum of 3 days), was approved almost instantly. We a huge glimmer of hope! Even though he immediately went back to the counter to try to get to his flight, they shared with him it was too late.


OK – so next plan! Kim took a train to Paris, still without knowing is this sudden visa approval would work – and went on pure faith and hope that we would get to move forward with all we had planned. Once Kim arrived in Paris – more waiting began when he entered a line that would take him another 30 minutes to get to the next counter.

Finally – after hours of stress, anxiety & overcoming all fear- Kim was told he COULD travel to the USA! Whew! This new flight had him traveling to JFK airport and coming in a few hour earlier. WOW – despite the odds and trials against us, we overcame a huge obstacle and we’re going to be together again.

I’ll never forget the feeling of saying goodbye to my Grandma – the woman who I got the honor to care for over these past few months – and getting in the car to head to NYC. I felt a beautiful passing of the seasons in my life. Going from care taker to being care for. From being a single woman – to a oneness -a marriage on the horizon. IMG_8675

The whole drive to NYC I was all kinds of nervous/excited. I remember so many amazing friends keeping me focused and loving on me throughout the whole trip with  voice messages, texts, and phone calls.

What would it be like to actually be together in person again?! The last time I’d felt his lips and arms around me was on Friday, Sept. 14, 2018. Now, over 3 months later, even with all of our intimacy built, will our chemistry remain the same? Will it be the same in person as it’s been over FaceTime? So many fears were confronted, so many question arose – and there was only one way to find out.

Since Kim was flying into NYC, we decided to make a quick trip out of it….when in Rome, right? I, the New Yorker, had shockingly NEVER been to NYC. Yes, you read that correctly. At 30 years old, and being born and raised in New York State, had never stepped foot in the city of dreams.

Plus, I was in NYC, with the love of my life…at Christmas time?! OF COURSE we had to make the most of it! We chose to do the smart, and cost effective thing, and stay in New Jersey, right across the water, at a cute place called the Holland Hotel. Even cuter, we think, was that just so happens to be the same country we FIRST met at!

When I finally got to The Holland Hotel, I checked us in, and got the room all ready for Kim’s arrival. I am a true romantic, so I went all out – balloons, post it notes and…other things that I intend to keep between Kim & I!


Just a few hours later, it was time to go get my prince. I was, well – ALL THE feels…and completely enchanted by NYC. I felt like so many movies were coming to life in front of my eyes! The lights, the sounds! What a perfect backdrop for this journey of a lifetime.

Once arriving at NYC, I parked in the garage, grabbed the sign I made Kim, and headed to the international terminal.

As if I wasn’t already anxious enough, but Kim’s plane was late – and his phone wouldn’t work off of WiFi. I literally had no idea WHEN he would come into the terminal.

10 minutes went by. Then 20. Then 30. While waiting, I got the chance to talk with and tell over 3 families “our story” – and so many people joined in our excitement for our reunion. I got to see so many families reunite with their loved ones and was reveling in the beauty of this moment.


Finally, after 45 minutes of waiting. I’ll never forget seeing him come around the corner. All my fears, worries and anxiousness dissipated. In fact, my jaw dropped. He was more handsome that I ever could remember. MY heart was beating out of my chest! He began to walk the other way and just for one moment…I watched him….took it all in that HE. WAS. MINE. WOW.

Suddenly, I came back to reality, thrust my camera into a nearby woman’s hand begging her to film, and I called out “KIMMMM!!!” And like out of a woman, he turns around, I jumped the metal brigade and ran into his arms!

Remember that question from earlier in this post? Would we still have chemistry?

Well, that question was quickly answered. As I wrapped my arms around my prince and stared into his eyes, I knew all of this wait was worth it…not just the 3 months…but the 30 years I’d waited to him. We both instantly kissed (and as the video shows – didn’t stop for a few minutes), and let all the joy and the anticipation of the past few months come together in this instant.


It was as if we had never said goodbye – we got to say the greatest HELLO. I couldn’t stop staring at him, touching his muscles, feeling his hands in mine – was he really real? Oh yes, he was. And our adventure was just beginning.

As we drove to our hotel, we knew the next 3 weeks had the greatest adventure of our lives in store. And in my next blog post, I will gladly unveil more details and continue to paint the picture of what happened next….until then, big hugs and thanks for reading!


Mrs. Cleyman



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