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Saying goodbye to the greatest HELLO!

HERE we go! Chapter 3 of our story! (Being posted exactly TWO months to the date after this amazing part of our story happened!)

I last left you off where I was spending my last magical evening in downtown Antwerpen, and Kim messaged me and shared HE would love to be the one who brought me to the train station the next morning. In fact, he shared: IT HAD TO BE HIM.

Remember in my last post when I shared I thought I was going to spend the rest of my trip, after Mike & Aline’s wedding, in France? Well, even though that changed, I STILL had to keep my flight out of Paris (No Refunds! BOOOO!)

It all worked out perfectly though, because I STILL had to get to Brussels, but instead of the airport, I needed to get to the Thalys train station, that would then take me across the Belgian & French countryside to the the Paris CDG airport.

When Kim asked me, it was like ALL my hopes come true! I’d get to spend a little more time with this man who had already in a matter of a week, completely changed my world. I asked Aline & Mike if they’d be ok with those new plans – and we’re they OK!? THEY ALMOST HIT ME FOR ASKING! They said ABSOLUTELY! They too felt what was building between Kim and I TOO GREAT to get in the way off.

So, the next morning, Friday, September 14, I woke up in Antwerpen and said goodbye to Aline, Mike & their daughter, Jenna before they all headed to school (they’re teachers!).

I had about another 30 minutes to wait for Kim to arrive. Again, I had butterflies! I thought how beautiful it was that the same doorway where I had surprised Aline just a week earlier, I was now going to greet Kim at.


Once he arrived, it again – felt so right. As nervous as I had been getting about being with him, as soon as he was in front of me, I was at EASE. I had never felt so confident, and free to be me, with a man before. Especially one THIS ridiculously good looking! (And kind, confident, strong, masculine….ok, I could go on! I’ll save all that for LATER posts!)

I made him some coffee and then we got in the car to head to Brussels. Lucky me – it was over an hour drive!

During the drive, there wasn’t a single DULL moment! Our conversation flowed like we’d been old friends for years just laughing and catching up with one another.

As we got closer to the train station, the pit in my stomach grew. HOW was I going to say GOODBYE to this man? Even worse…we were running very tight on time.

When we were close to the train station, we couldn’t find any parking. My train was supposed to leave in 10 minutes and we were still in the car.

I suddenly shared with Kim that I would be “ok” if he just dropped me off and I would have to run to my train platform by myself. I was a little nervous about missing my train and having never been to that station before, not being sure where I was going or being able to read the signs! (I am STILL learning my Dutch and catching up on my French!)

He immediately said that WASN’T going to happen. He felt SO bad about leaving me in Ghent (he had to go pick up his daughter from school), and he exclaimed he WAS NOT about to make the same mistake again.


Thank GOD, after circling the block a few times, we found a spot. Before getting out of the car, however, Kim surprised me with handing me a book. He shared it was one of his rare books he had in English, and it had been very significant to his growth. He gave it to me and said he wanted me to have something to read on the plane and a part of him to take home with me.

All did he know, I would be taking a lot more than just a BOOK of his home with me. I’d be taking his heart too.

IMG_1089 2.jpg

After parking the car, we rushed into the train station with my bags in tow, and aimed to find my train platform together.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, our hands naturally met and we didn’t let go. Butterflies again. I know hand holding may seem so simple, but in holding his, I felt SO safe. SO SECURE. And like I’d been holding his for years.

Walking…or well, almost RUNNING, through that train station felt so natural…like we we’re already a strong couple chasing down this train together. SAMEN. (Dutch for “together!”)

IMG_1093 2.jpg

When we finally reached my train station, we discovered another miracle that just DOESN’T EVER happen – my TRAIN WAS LATE.

WHAT?!?!?!?! Trains aren’t late. They have strict schedules to stick too. However, mine wasn’t just a few minutes late, but over 1/2 hour.

I suddenly didn’t care that I might miss my flight in Paris. All I cared about was that I got another 30 minutes with this man….and we spent it completely in each others arms.

IMG_1091 2.jpg

In the sunshine of that beautiful morning, not another care in the world, Kim and I just held each other, kissed, had more sweet & hilarious conversation, and felt like time had stopped.

Was this really happening to us? Had we truly only known each other for a week? This was more than just physical chemistry. It was MUCH deeper. Our souls were connecting!

I remember gazing into his eyes thinking – this man isn’t afraid of me. He’s not intimidated by me. I stare at him, and he stares right back. I already knew though this man wasn’t just staring at my external beauty, but the one HE now shares shines the brightest – the one within.

Whew, just breathe. I had to remind myself this many times this morning. Even though time stood still, my train did eventually arrive. 


When boarding my train, the conductor was adamant that ONLY ticketed guests were allowed on the train. But Kim, the gentleman he is, wouldn’t have it. He carried my bags on the train and made sure I got settled. (THIS was a big moment for me. I’ll never forget when filming Fat Chance, and my trainer/crush Joey, shared that I needed to show men my softer side, to let them lead every once in while…it was so natural for me to LET Kim help me with my bags. I gave myself a little pat on the back for how much I’d really grown in 2 years!)

After one last passionate kiss, I found my seat and just sat there. Memorized in bliss. Every woman around me was smiling, Maybe even some men too. It took me a while to realize that Kim hadn’t quite left yet. There he stood – on the platform, looking at the shadowy windows – anxiously waiting for me to pull away before he would leave. 

IMG_1095 2.jpg

WHAT A FAIRY TALE I HAD JUST LIVED! DID THAT WEEK REALLY JUST HAPPEN!? The woman next to me must have thought I was crazy, since as the train took off, I was continually pinching myself.

But WHO KNEW where this would go?! There’s NO WAY this could ACTUALLY WORK….could it. Was Kim REALLY…TRULY feeling the way I was….only time would tell. 


And I DIDN’T HAVE to wait too long. After a crazy mad dash of last minute train switches throughout the metros and airport of Paris that ALMOST caused me to miss my plane (I am not sure I would have minded staying in Europe longer now!), I settled into my seat that I would call home for the next 10 hours and pulled out the book Kim had given me.

To my surprise, upon opening the book, he had HAND WRITTEN me a sweet letter describing what this week had meant to him & how he was already feeling about me. Again, I was surprised and speechless. I wasn’t used to a man treating me this way (except for my Daddy). 

IMG_1115 2.jpg

As I put my phone on “airplane mode” and took off to cross back across the Atlantic, my heart & soul swarmed with this possibilities. What COULD  become of this magical meeting? Would Kim still pursue me, even while being over 5,000 miles away? Did I capture his attention that much? Was I a woman he found that captivating? 

The answers to those questions have been found…and I am happy to begin sharing them with you…in FUTURE blog posts 🙂

IMG_1153 2.jpg


  • sunchik33

    Oh girl, what a beautiful story God is writing in your lives! Tears of joy for you, my friend! ❤️

    • Chey

      OH BRIT! I am just seeing this thank you so so os much! Honored to be living it!

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