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Starting Mason’s eating journey with BLW: Baby Led Weaning

Yes, LAST POST. BOOM – guess what? We had our baby. And it’s a BOY!

Flash forward, and here we are, at almost 5 months old, and we’re already talking EATING.

Didn’t my boy just come out? In so many ways, it sure feels like that. In his first 4.5 months, he’s lived through a pandemic, traveled the world & enjoyed an amazing trip to America and is now back here in Belgium ready to conquer the WORLD OF EATING!

As a woman who struggled with obesity from an early age, and spent most of her 20s struggling back and forth to get 100 pounds off, I’ve been anxiously excited to start my boy on REAL FOOD.

My husband and I began to research and discuss different food methods and plans and came to the one we became most comfortable with….which is BABY LED WEANING!

SAY WHAT?! If you’re like us, we weren’t sure at first WHAT that meant. In the beginning, we thought, maybe like most of you – like wait, don’t babies just eat pureed food? For some babies and their parents, THIS is the best option.

However, after doing our research is, we decided to start Mason on a “baby led weaning” schedule this week at 4 months & 3 weeks old. We WANTED to wait until 6 months – however, our sweet boy is SO advanced! He is already sitting up on his own. When researching all the resources of WHEN is good to start your baby with BLW, and what he/she should be doing and ready for, Mason hit EVERY ONE.

Making our veggies soft for our boy!

So, here we are. And what exactly is Baby Led Weaning or BLW? It’s where you slowly introduce soft, whole foods to baby, in larger chunks (rather than pureed) and let the BABY feed themselves.

WE KNOW – if you’re thinking – omg won’t he choke? We were concerned with that too. But first of all, there’s a BIG different between CHOKING AND GAGGING. Gagging is totally normal and a beautiful defense mechanism for babies. We also know what to do IF Mason chokes – and we are always right at his side as he is discovering new food.

We are focusing on WHY we chose BLW and we hope you will too. We love that…

-Mason will learn the textures of food!

-Be able to try and hold his food on his own

-He’ll guide us through and show us what he is ready for

and live by the BLW rule: “Food before 1 is for fun!”

So in between his regular breast & formula milk feeding, our sweet boy will probably have A LOT more photos like this. So far, we’ve discovered his favourite is black berries, apple and broccoli!

If you want to know more about BLW, check out this awesome youtube account where we watched ALL about this familie’s BLW experience & also shout out to us below!

Awesome Baby Led Weaning video!


Mama Chey

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