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First Comes Love; Then Comes Marriage.

Genesis 2:24: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

After almost 4 months of pursuing one another’s heart & soul over 5,000 + miles, taking on the adventure of a lifetime of a road trip across 3,000 miles of the USA, meeting 90% of my family, we finally got to the day we both had been waiting for a lifetime…our wedding day.

We decided to keep this as a surprise to most, so that we could protect the strong & fortified love we had built and also to enjoy this precious time with those closest to us.

With about 35 of our closest friends & family, including 3 Belgians, we brought our love before God on a rainy & beautiful afternoon and became one, as Mr. & Mrs. Cleyman, on the top of a California beach hotel roof top.


Looking back on this joyous day, which was now almost 3 months ago, I truly understand when people say that although their wedding was different than they ever imagined, it was PERFECT.

Kim & I, with the help of many friends & family, put together a simple and sweet day that was focused on what really mattered to us most: unconditional love for each other and the people surrounding us.

Our love story had already been proven to be completely miraculous and our wedding day was no different.

We exchanged vows (both in English & both over 7 minutes long – yes, we are both talkers! AND deeply emotional!) on the top of the hotel my mom worked at in Imperial Beach, CA.

We then celebrated, next door, with all our guests at a beautiful Italian restaurant, in true “Beauty & The Beast” style with a Cali. twist with romantic hanging lights, family style dinner, first dances, coconut cake, and even a garter toss! And to our delight,  Kim’s brother, Nick, who was a surprise guest to Kim just that morning, caught the garter! What an awesome American tradition for him to bring home!

After the dinner, it was time to go light lanterns on the beach! Rather than watch beautiful lights fill the sky over the ocean, we mostly filled the air with laughter as the wind made it nearly impossible to get any off the ground.

To cap off our night, we took any willing guests to go have a truly American time & dance the night away at MoonShine Flats, San Diego’s top country line dancing bar.

Since Kim & I MET on a dance floor, we had to have some kind of dancing at our wedding. We had a blast learning new Dance steps and watching our friends & family have a great time.

To end our magical day, Kim & I headed back to where it all began. We had our wedding night to celebrate in a beautiful room at the hotel where we said our vows…right on the water.

As we both got to listen to the waves as we fell asleep in each other’s arms, we both agreed nothing had ever felt so right. We were so happy to be Mr. & Mrs Cleyman. The queen had finally met her King and we knew the best was still yet to come.



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