Post-Partum Problems AND their Solutions!

Hey Mama! Whether pregnant, a new mama, or surrounded by a bunch of rambunctious toddlers or crazy teens – we ALL have been there…the infamous stage of POST PARTUM! For some women, it goes by quickly without too much notice. For others, it feels never ending. For me, I was very blessed by a crazyContinue reading “Post-Partum Problems AND their Solutions!”

Stay At Home Mom Life – my first 4 weeks!

“This can be my biggest dream come true, while also being one of the hardest things I’ve ever done…including, not loving it ALL the time.” I’ve now been a FULL TIME Mom for almost 6 months. I use the term “full time” because before my son, Mason, I was a nanny for 10 years &Continue reading “Stay At Home Mom Life – my first 4 weeks!”

And just like that, our BREASTFEEDING journey is over.

Already in 5 short months, I’ve learned so much of mothering is a process of letting go & surrendering 💕  Some happen right away; where others happen slowly over time 🥰 In my 3rd day as a mama, I experienced – what was to me – A devastating blow & realized that my body wouldn’tContinue reading “And just like that, our BREASTFEEDING journey is over.”