No more babies?

“No, babe, sorry, no more babies for me… I already have kids.” Has your boyfriend or husband said this to you before? Or maybe you’re a man reading this that feels that way too? Chances are, you’re in a stepfamily. And like many stepfamilies, there’s a lot of challenges & obstacles to overcome – includingContinue reading “No more babies?”

Planning for An Ours Baby

Can you remember back to the time when you and your husband were just dating? As Kim and I were dating long-distance from the US to Europe late 2018, I remember having endless conversations over FaceTime. Thank GOD for modern day technology, which made sure we were talking face-2-face, even though we were thousands of miles away.  It must’ve been on one of our very first convos that the topic of babies was broughtContinue reading “Planning for An Ours Baby”