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The Space In Between: My Final 7 Weeks in America!


As I am now looking back on my final 7 weeks in America, I am filled with so many mixes of emotions. I remember it fiercely and fondly – as it was full with so much expectation…and even lamenting. I had to let go of what I was leaving, of all I knew, and joyfully leap into the great unknown.



I chose, in this time, to focus on the things I DID know….

I DID know – I had a GOD who loves me unconditionally and relentlessly. He continued to, and still does, pursue my heart and my best even when I forget Him and feel completely overwhelmed and overburdened.

I DID know – God gave the most amazing husband to welcome me into this new season


I knew I couldn’t have asked for a better person to usher me into a journey of the unknown. I knew Kim would hold my hand and my heart through it all.



I DID know – I had so many friends and family, especially my parents, that were supporting me the entire way. So many held me up emotionally as I said goodbye to my husband, knowing it would be another delay -another 7 weeks – before we could truly begin our life together and build our family in Europe….however, also saying goodbye to my parents and my country.


What I DIDN’T know – was how many JOYFUL experiences awaited me in these 7 weeks.

As Kim continued to love me from afar, and continue on with life in Europe, I began a big process of letting go.


One VERY REAL experience was – going through years worth of boxes that my dear parents still had of mine! You see- they TOO were about to start a brand new adventure- Once it all came together that Kim & I were getting married, and I was to move to Belgium, they decided to make another leap of faith, and move BACK to Florida.

About 5 years ago, they moved to California, following me, and seeking to follow our dreams together. Without them in California, I would have never been able to so quickly and easily move back in with them, and save money, to allow me to travel to the wedding in Belgium in September 2007, where Kim and I met at. GOD ALWAYS has a purpose and is always a BILLION steps ahead of us.


So, the entire Lent-Cleyman family began downsizing! I began going through years of memories and deciding what I could part with, what I could sell, and what I was going to shove into only 4 suitcases to take to Europe with me.


Ironically, Kim was also doing the same. One of the most beautiful gifts he did for me during the 7 weeks apart, was prepare our “little castle” for my arrival. He and his mama (my amazing mother in law, Suzy) spent hours hanging up shelves, putting together furniture and painting our walls. It was awesome to hear of how this time together brought them closer and how my King was preparing the way for his queen.


AS IF I wasn’t excited enough, THIS sent me over the top! It also made me even more anxious to meet my new Belgian family – especially my BONUS DAUGHTER, Billie!


Between January 12-February 25, I got experience SO many awesome, intentional and fun experiences to end my current time in America.

I got to celebrate my 31st birthday with my parents…just TWO weeks after my wedding – at the exact same restaurant where my wedding was also held! Talk about surreal and goosebumps!


I got to say GOODBYE to all my “co-workers” from the past year of running my own business – the dogs I walked and ran on a day to day basis!



I got have an awesome GOOD BYE party in Los Angeles with some of my closest friends who truly became family over my 8 years there! Yep, my parents came too!



I got to celebrate and enjoy a gorgeous weekend in Oceanside, CA with other BeachBody health & fitness coaches that earned the opportunity to celebrate a year of hard work in changing lives for the better! Kim & I even got to plan with my coach how we will continue to coach people from Europe in even BIGGER & BETTER ways!


I also got spend my last 10 days in the States with my cousin Brian’s amazing 4 kids in Maryland when he and his beautiful wife, Heather, got to go enjoy a week away in the Caribbean. For the past few years, every February, I’ve gotten the opportunity to go care for the 4 kids while mom & dad get some time away to enjoy time together. Talk about a preparation for BONUS MOM life!


During this time I was so thankful to be spending time with them, but also so VERY anxious to get to my family in Belgium. There was a lot of excitement but also anxiety in the air – especially with traveling with my dog, Humphrey.


With all of the particulars of traveling with and moving with a pet, and with the impending snow storms headed our way, there was a few days when we weren’t sure if Humphrey would make it to Europe.

After all was said and done, I can joyfully say, he has happily adjusted and sleeps with my bonus daughter every single night. A match made in Heaven!


Through all the flurry of prepping for my VISA, changing my legal name, preparing a new passport getting Humphrey shots and an exam, and packing my ENTIRE life into 4 suitcases, the time had finally come for me to cross that OCEAN….and follow my heart and go to the one God had prepared for me.


I KNEW the journey of my life was just about to truly begin!



MAMA, we’re not gonna be in KANSAS anymore! Humphrey & I SAID GOODBYE To America on Sunday, February 24, and got on a plane towards Iceland (our layover), that would then take us to Brussels, Belgium.


Finally, after 7 amazing weeks of goodbyes & memories, we were off to our NEW home and GREATEST adventure! IMG_2158

Perhaps THESE hours were the LONGEST part of the 7 week journey. We were so close, and yet so far. Pure adrenaline was running through our veins….and after the sleepless hours on the planes, Humphrey & I finally landed in Belgium

I FELT SUCH deja vu! The last time I was here, I being dropped off at a train station to head back to America by this man I had JUST MET that week, and yet felt like I knew him ALL my life…and now that man was picking ME UP….as my HUSBAND.

Ok, yep…just got GOOSEBUMPS TOO! I would imagine, if you’ve been following our journey, maybe you did too!

Immediately upon retrieving all my bags, and walking out passed customs, I saw my man, and had another de ju vu moment of picking him up in NYC just 2.5 months before, and leapt into his arms. I WAS HOME. Not just in BELGIUM, but WITH KIM.


As I write this post almost 6 weeks later, I cannot WAIT to update you all on everything that’s happened, grown and transpired between us and our family here in EUROPE. I HAVE SO much to share with y’all! Be sure not to MISS ANYTHING that’s happening with us and “like” our FACEBOOK page at:

GET READY! Many more blog posts and updates coming soon! ZALIG!


Mrs. Cheyanne Cleyman


  • Brittany

    I love this 🙂 Continuing to pray for your sweet new family during this season of transition!

  • Chey

    Thank you Brittany! WE SO appreciate your love! Are you following us on FACEBOOK? @TheCleymans – we are also creating a YouTube channel soon!

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