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In the third decade of the 21-st century, humans have never been so socially connected, while at the same time humanity has never been more lonely.

With the rise of technology and artificial intelligence, human beings ae destined to grow further apart and their hearts more disconnected.

During the recent global pandemic and lockdowns, we all got to experience the devastating effects of a lack of real human interaction.

Real life face-to-face human interaction keeps eroding.

In a fast paced society, many choose for digital ways of communicating, just like we are right now.

This evolution will not benefit the quality of the average 21st-century marriage.

The need and demand for training on how to have old-skool human interaction, will only increase.

Staying committed to one imperfect person could become endangered.

cleyman your best life vision

Not if it’s upt ot us.

We stand for personal growth within the confines of holy matrimony.

We stand for embracing every ounce of our humanness and loving each other harder.

We stand for strong, healthy and amazing marriages.