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Vowology the art and science of living out your vows


Hey there Wifey,

It’s Kim & Cheyanne here!

Be honest – were you expecting some fancy, schmancy sales page?

Well, this program is brand-spankin’ new, so, it doesn’t have one yet. (plus, we are #ToddlerParents!)

As you may also know, for the last three years, we have been all-in helping couples of all kinds – those that are multicultural, multi-ethnic, long-time dating and most recently, those couples that are in blended or step families.

We had the awesome opportunity to help stepfamily couples take back control in their own home, and create a healthy & happy atmosphere for them & all their kids. It’s been amazing to see these families come together, despite the odds, and develop a system to help them fill in the missing pieces.  

We’ve helped all these people, and it’s been amazing, but now, we wanted to do something really special for the LADIES.

This is for the ladies who married the love of their life, but feel like they’re growing lonely and disappointed in their relationship.

Or maybe who MISS THE HONEYMOON PHASE. (which we all hoped would last forever)

Or maybe who are concerned that this FUNK you & your husband are in will last a lot longer, and maybe even the rest of your marriage.

And we know there are so many of you out there, who would LOVE to have a deep connection with your husband that grows deeper over time.

As well as… when you are ready… the regular, passionate intimacy that a workable & actionable system in your marriage brings.

If that sounds like you, then today is your lucky day.

Because we have a very special one-time-only opportunity that is going to be a huge help to your marriage.

It’s called VOWOLOGY – the Art & Science of Living Out Your Vows.

finally at last magnificent Beautiful strong now vow vowology the art and science of living out your vows

Vowology the art and science of living out your vows

And before you go thinking…

“Oh no… Kim, Chey… I SERIOUSLY don’t have TIME for another course or E-book. (“I have an inbox full of ones I haven’t finished already!!)”

Let us reassure you… This ain’t just no course OR E-book, wifey!

We know you are too busy for that.

And we know that to really make sure you actually gain connection & intimacy that is going to be realistic, long-lasting and passionate,

you don’t need a whole tonne more info… you actually need help getting it done… and getting it done really freaken awesome… and really freaken fast!

So, we have developed this step-by-step implementation plan + system we walk you through, LIVE week by week (No worries, there ARE replays), the best, most effective and simplest steps to:

1 – Getting absolutely clear on what makes your marriage unique. As no two people are alike, no two marriages are alike.

Exactly – this ain’t no generic, cookie cutter, 13 in a dozen marriage self-help book :-/

Having a deep understanding of WHO you both are married to contributes to building an above-average marriage, because now you know how to speak to one another in a way that brings out the best in both of you and express your love in a way you both can receive it.

Examining your personalities, styles, languages, etc, allows you the necessary INSIGHT of HOW to reignite the fire that caused you to get married.

2 – Cutting through the BS and creating clarity on WHERE you want your marriage to go.

This allows you to stay on the same page with your spouse, so that when life’s ups and downs (global pandemic or economic crisis anyone?) come and go, your marriage’s foundation is solid and unshakeable.

3- Now, you’re ready to put it all into action. With a step-by-step custom toolkit for you to follow, we teach you HOW to apply all that you’ve learned into your own marriage.

No longer are you guessing if what you’re doing is the right thing to do, or doubting yourself. Or even worse, getting nowhere.

Instead, you find yourself well on your way to your happily ever after.

And then the fun bit…

4 – You can start looking forward to feeling desired again when you look into your husband’s eyes.

But, the most amazing part of it all is that when you’ll be old (like very old and wrinkly) and look back over your life, you will still be crazy-in-love with each other.
No longer will you have to imagine what that couple in the Notebook feels.

Together, we can make it happen for you, faster and easier than you can imagine.

And as a special bonus for founding members only…

5 – The classes will be taught LIVE (No worries, there WILL be replays), so that you can ask questions, optimize your learning & get encouraged along the way! (We’re your cheerleaders!)

Of course, the bonuses for this Beta round do NOT stop there…

6 – PLUS – If getting your husband on board for difficult discussions, or working together as a team has been a real struggle, we have a strategy of how you can specifically approach that & get back on the same page.

7 – PLUS – All founding members will get ALL this (worth over $1000!) for a total steal. (plus, if you’re quick you’ll get an extra $100 discount!)

Vowology the art and science of living out your vows

Look, time to get real!

There is NO fluff here…

We will not overwhelm you with information. Scouts honor!

Or waste hours of your valuable time with theory-based videos and powerpoint slides!

Instead, we are serving up the exact steps you need to take (and exactly how to do them)

Plus, you’ll get 30-days of next level feedback and support from us to make sure you take action & do it really well. (the kind of support we normally charge hundreds of dollars for)

And this includes:

  • Bite-sized weekly video training and action plans
  • Live weekly feedback + Q&A sessions with us
  • Weekly assignments and accountability
  • Access to our exclusive Warrior Wife Facebook group
  • Plus all the documents, templates and etc. to put your plan into action

This training is totally unique and brand spanking new… and this system is not taught anywhere else.

And it all kicks off LIVE on September 12, 2022.

Vowology the art and science of living out your vows

love dream fantasize amazing finally relieved happy excited extatic Vowology the art and science of living out your vows

You see, we’ve been helping couples with their marriages for over 3 years now.

In that time, we’ve also faced our share of struggles, including having a baby, raising a teenager, dealing with ex-drama, moving houses, becoming full-time entrepreneurs, battling addictions & even experiencing a miscarriage.

We’ve kept our romance alive and helped dozens of other couples do the same.

And we’ve tried and tested pretty much every marriage strategy and tactic there is – especially since marriage wasn’t something Kim ever wanted!

We even created a course about building a strong foundation in your marriage before.

And we could have just re-released that, but we created this specifically for you.

Because SO MUCH HAS CHANGED since that time.

Thanks to global pandemics & other crazy situations across the world, our home lives have been impacted in a massive way.

Life in 2022 is NOT the same as it was in 2019, and it was critical that we address this reality in a brand new way.

Covid taught us that there are no certainties in life. And who knows what will happen over the next two years? So, why would you spend even one more day waiting to FIX your marriage? The one thing that maybe impacts your life even more than a global lockdown.

If the past two years taught us anything, it’s that nothing is guaranteed.

Your marriage impacts the rest of your life and what you hold most dear.

That’s why we want to help other wives find a solution that works.

We have created the best, simplest and most effective system out there to help get all that awesome love and desire OUT OF YOUR HEAD…

…and into your marriage.

So you can experience the love you signed up for when you got married, and have it “locked & loaded” for a lifetime.

And that is exactly what we do in VOWOLOGY.

Yes, all in just 30-days.

And while it will be offered again early next year, it will NEVER be available again at this price…
… and with all this extra hands-on feedback, support, bonuses and access to us.

So if you are ready to:

1 – Discover where the cracks are in your marriage

2 – Make a plan of action in how to fix them

3 – Add your husband into the mix

4 – Set yourself up to creating this a habit for a lifetime

If you’re ready to completely change your marriage for the better (finally!)

Vowology the art and science of living out your vows

emotion strong power Vowology the art and science of living out your vows

Doors close midnight September 5th (CET) –  unless all the spots fill up before!

And we kick things off September 12th!

We can’t wait to see you inside x

-Kim & Cheyanne Cleyman


Vowology the art and science of living out your vows