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“Wait, that wasn’t on my list” – Falling more in love at Niagara Falls


After lots of tearful goodbyes, Kim & I were off for our next guest adventure – our ROAD TRIP across the USA. But first, I wasn’t about to let my man be THIS close to Canada, specifically Niagara Falls, and NOT go visit. I mean come on, I had to get him at least ONE more stamp in his passport.

So, this self-professed planner, scheduled time in our itinerary, to make the 2.5 hr drive to Niagara Falls, and spend the night on Christmas night on the Canadian side. Now, even as a proud American, I can 100000% exclaim that the Canadian side of the ‘Falls are WAAAAAAY better. There’s way more to see, to do, to experience and the ability to FEEL the roar of the Falls!

As a kid, I SO took for granted going to see the Falls all the time – I’ve probably been over 15 times…and yet, I STILL am amazed by their beauty and power EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

All did I know that these Falls, while a memorable past time before, would now remain significant to me for a lifetime.

After we crossed the border and checked into our hotel, Kim & I got unpacked, made a picnic, and decided to go watch the fireworks over the Falls around 9pm. As if the Falls weren’t gorgeous enough on their own, I couldn’t fathom how magical they’d be all lit up!


As I was changing, Kim ran down to the car to get the remainder of our things and I just couldn’t help but pinch myself. Here I was – at one of the wonder’s of the world – on Christmas Day- with the man of my dreams. Was this really happening?

Just when I thought the day couldn’t get anymore perfect, Kim surprised me by, upon returning, proposing to me in our room. I WAS COMPLETELY SHOCKED and SPEECHLESS!


The funny thing is – THIS is the one thing I had expected or PLANNED for. One question we continually got from people, and still do, when we were sharing about our plans for marriage was: WHEN did we get engaged?

Well, up until this moment, we never really DID. We just decided together that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and build a family and ministry of love together.

It just organically grew out of our hearts! So, THIS was a huge surprise to me. I’ve never been a woman into material things – but in that moment, when Kim gave me the honor of placing a ring on my finger, and sweetly asking me to be his Queen, his partner in life, for all of eternity –  I KNEW this was a ring I would cherish forever. (Even more perfect – Kim shared he had purchased it at the Paris airport – a city that remains SO significant for us both!)

Something Kim & I have discussed & often laughed at is what a PLANNER I AM. I can’t help it – I LOVE to be prepared and I LOVE LISTS. One thing I really enjoy about Kim’s personality is his spontaneity – he reminds me to continually remain present and enjoy the moment. I can only imagine the struggle he had in keeping this a surprise for me!

After he slid the ring on my finger, next to my purity ring, and we made out like 5 more times, we walked down to the Falls, hand and hand, and ended our Christmas Day in the most perfect way.


What’s even more amazing, is only in the past few weeks of prep in moving to Belgium, have my parents I begun reminiscing about my path through purity and where it all began. They got me a program called Passport To Purity, in order to teach young adolescents about purity, sex and etc., at a marriage conference they were at back in the early 2000s. It is where they got me the program. It’s where they got me my purity. And it also happens to be where I was given my engagement ring: all in, none other than, Niagara Falls…just 17 years apart! Can we all say – WOWWWWW!!!!


After a beautiful AND FREEZING walk by the Falls, and experiencing the glow and beauty of the lights, Kim and I turned in to get a good night sleep before we began the over 2,800 mile journey to California.


How would we handle a 50+ hour car ride together? Would I talk his ear off? Would it get awkward? Only time would tell…and so will this blog in my NEXT post!


Mrs. Cleyman






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