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We’re expecting a baby!

“…For this child, we have prayed…” – 1 Samuel 1:27

In case you haven’t heard YET, my husband & I created together the most amazing miracle there is on earth: a little human!



That’s right, I am typing to you exactly ONE YEAR (to the date) that I landed in Belgium last year, believing I was there to celebrate my friend’s wedding for a week and that would be it.


Now, one year later, I am back living here myself, happily & passionately married to the love of my life, and we are expecting our FIRST BABY together. 

Artwork made by Precious

We will officially be 12 weeks tomorrow, and as I say goodbye to a very beautiful & blessed 1st trimester, I look forward to sharing more updates along the way, and as with our beautiful & miraculous romance, take you along for the journey as we prepare & grow little Baby Cleyman. 


Artwork made by Precious

Until my next post, enjoy this video I put together, of the journey to conception and all the way until I surprised & shared with my husband our joyous news! 


Cheyanne Cleyman




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