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What To Do When Your Marriage Is In A Slump

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Today, we want to encourage you.

Maybe you’ve been lacking connection & intimacy. We believe that every marriage can have seasons like this. Highs & lows. Life demands so much of us, that our marriage can often get thrown off the priority list. Different responsibilities can cause any marriage to get into a slump. But, you can get out. Today, we have 3 tips for what to do when your marriage is in a slump and exactly how to get out for good.

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Tip 1 – When your marriage is in a slump…make your marriage a priority

Your marriage can’t get out of a slump unless you make it a priority. Look at your daily agenda. Where are you investing your time or energy? Where is your marriage on that list? It is an investment – you get out, what you put in. You will both reap the results of the time & energy you put in. If your marriage is in a slump, don’t sit on the sidelines. Do what you CAN and focus on what you can shift or delegate or let go of to make your marriage a priority. You need to “trim the fat.” Create a list to get your priorities in a row. If your marriage is off, it’ll affect the rest of your life. 

Your marriage won’t just get better on its own – you have to work at it. In order for it to get better, it requires a hands-on and intentional approach. Marriage will give you back what you both put into it. Go after it with your whole heart. Discover how to remain connected in your marriage right here.

Tip 2 –When your marriage is in a slump..forget everything you think you know

Expectations and assumptions won’t get you out of a slump. You have to give your spouse a chance to change and to react differently than he/she typically would. Aim to approach the everyday stuff with curiosity. Instead of thinking you already know the answer, ask a question instead. Never stop investigating one another. As years go by, we evolve and change and as will our marriage. That doesn’t have to be scary – it can be exciting! Ask yourself – have I stopped investigating my spouse? Try asking more questions again.

Tip 3 – When your marriage is in a slump…change things up

Break the routine.  Spice things up. Try something different together. 

We’ve started going out weekly during a time we’d normally go to bed. It’s been the best reconnection that no one can take away from us. 

Get out of your everyday freight train.  Return to playfulness. Switch things up – even the simplest stuff. Pick a new tv show. Shop at a different grocery store. Comfort in marriage is a blessing, but sometimes being too comfortable can cause staleness or boredom. 

Life starts at the end of comfort zone. No one likes discomfort, but it’s so good for us. 

Do the things that are so “not” you guys. Shake things up. 

“No” shuts the door – but try to leave the door on a crack – turn the “NO” into a “maybe.” 

It creates opportunities for change and growth and new habits to be formed in your marriage. 

Revival? Rejuvenation? Bring some life back into your marriage and get inspired with us at, The Vowkeepers.

Nothing says “I love you” more than investing in your marriage.

See you there!

-Kim & Cheyanne

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