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Why Every Marriage Needs A Vision Board

And How It Will Keep The Honeymoon Phase Alive

Want to have that ultimate #couplegoals marriage that you envision in your head and put on your Pinterest board? Then, you need to get it out of your head and into action. A perfect place to do so is by creating yourself a marriage vision board. We would argue that every marriage needs a vision board. Vision boards can provide a clarity of vision that enables you to succeed and surpass your goals

You may have heard the quote before that a goal without a plan is just a dream. The process of creating a vision board encourages you to focus on what you want, leaving unhelpful thoughts behind, and then what’s left is a clear vision of how you want to shape your future.

We are going to help you organize your thoughts & show you why every marriage needs a vision board and how it is the obvious next step to help you bring clarity to your desires for your marriage and begin working on building towards the future you desire for you and your husband. 

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Vision boards show you how to create small goals 

Ever look at your marriage, and think that you kinda know where you want to go, but you’re not exactly sure how you get there? More than likely it’s because you have these big, lofty goals that are farther out and seem near impossible to accomplish. The best thing you could do is to break these BIG goals up into smaller ones.(We know this is sometimes hard to figure out too, and that’s exactly what we help our clients with.)  With a vision board, it can literally show you, through words & photos, your dreams for the future. You can see the big picture before your eyes, and so can your spouse.

man and woman looking at earch other
With a vision board for your marriage, you can see the big picture before your eyes, and so can your spouse.

Now that you see where you are headed, a vision board can help you break it down into smaller & more concrete steps that’ll bring you closer to the bigger goal accomplished. We would suggest creating vision boards for your marriage that are filled with ideas for no longer than a year. You can have an overarching vision for your marriage, but think smaller too…don’t only think 50 years down the road, but what about 50 weeks, or 50 days. In this way, you can keep your big goal in sight, while also checking smaller goals off your list. You can always come back to your vision board every few months, and take off things that no longer apply (or that you’ve totally crushed) or add new things on there that better align. 

Vision boards teach you how to celebrate small wins 

Speaking of accomplishing small goals, creating a vision board also teaches you to celebrate the “small wins.” Every marriage is full of them, but we don’t always see them. When you have your smaller goals written out, or displayed visually, on paper, it’s easier to see the ways your marriage is growing and improving…even on days when it doesn’t feel like it. Just like with a weight-loss goal, any good trainer will tell you to have a bigger goal in mind, but set smaller, intentional goals that’ll encourage you along the way. When you crush smaller goals, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and the motivation to keep pressing on towards your big goals. Be sure to CELEBRATE these small wins with your spouse. Make a big deal out of them! Marriage is life-long, and there will be challenging seasons, so celebrate all of the challenges you overcome together, even the small ones. 

Celebrating small wins can make a big difference in your marriage’s overall happiness

Vision boards get your dreams, thoughts & expectations out on paper 

Ultimately, perhaps the biggest benefit for having a vision board for your marriage is so that you can get all of those hopes, dreams, thoughts & expectations out on paper. As hard as it can be to communicate those things to our spouse, it’s often even hard to describe them to ourselves. What DO we really what? What DO we expect from our marriage..from our spouse…from ourselves? We have so much stacked up against us in the 21st century when it comes to having a life-long happy & fufilling marriage (we go more into how the odds are against us in THIS blog post).

With having expecations from our parents, movies & society all up in our hands, it can all become a scrambled, emotional mess if we leave it up there. When you get it out visually, then you can better process it & explain it to your spouse. In this way, you can both get on the same page, and move forward together towards the same goals and the same future vision. 

Let’s get you & your spouse on the same page with a vision board for your marriage.

Do you feel inspired by your vision board? Good, that was our goal.

Do you know where to start? Maybe that isn’t so clear. 

We’re not sure about you, but we know sometimes when we look at a big goal, it can be hard to know what to focus on first. 

When it comes to bringing you marriage goals to fruition, we’ve made it easier for you. 

We created a quiz that will tell you exactly where to start and what to focus on first to get you one step closer to the marriage you’ve envisioned. 

Go grab your results here. 

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Forever in your corner, 

-Kim & Cheyanne 

Helping keep couples in the honeymoon phase since 2019

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